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Status Report II: New Sources, New Data
By Leonard H. Stringfield

Case A-4

My informant is self-employed after serving a long career with the Air Force, retiring with the rank of Major. He was a pilot, as well as filling other special assignments. During the mid 1950's, he seved in an official capacity with the Ground Observers Corp (GOC), at which time I was asked by the Air Defense Command to screen and report UFO activity by code name, FOX TROT KILO 3-0 BLUE. During this activity period, I was often in communication with the Major.

My informant called me in the winter of 1979 when he learned from Tom Shell, newsman for ABC-TV in Los Angeles, that I had been considered by that network to be interviewed for a major TV production featuring the UFO. My informant said he recommended me, having known of my former work in the GOC and as publisher of ORBIT in the late 1950's. During one of our several discussions of the UFO problem, when I cited some of the medical information relative to the recovered alien humanoids, he confided that in 1952, he had attended a high-level secret meeting at Wright-Patterson AFB and saw in an underground chamber one of the deceased alien bodies in deep-freeze preservation.

My informant recalls some of the physiological characteristics of the corpse from his yesteryear observation, but admits details are vague. He said the body, with its long arms positioned straight down alongside it, was about 4 feet tall. The head was large by human standards, and the skin on the face appeared smooth and gray. No bone structure was evident; eyes were open, no hair. The feet, he said, were like an orangutan.

My informant stated he had visited the Air Force's underground complex in Colorado Springs and that some of the UFO material that had been stored at the Wright-Patterson depository had been transferred there. He also admits having seen a portion of an Air Force movie which showed an alien craft imbedded in the sand of a desert-like region. Aware of this film, I asked if he saw the portion showing the deceased bodies. (See Case A-9.) He said that at that time of the movie review, he was preoccupied with other business and missed seeing that portion.

My informant disclosed that he is aware of secret Air Force orders in the early 1950's which directed pilots on UFO intercept missions to shoot down or ram their target. He did not know of any successful mission of this kind which forced down or caused a UFO to crash. In one instance, he said, he was aware of an incident when a UFO was surrounded by jets, but by its highly evasive tactics, it escaped.



In support of the Major's information concerning tactical operations involving the UFO and interceptors of the USAF, Mildred Biesele, of Salt Lake City, Utah, who serves as Contributing Editor for the MUFON UFO Journal sent me the following item, typical of other reports known to me since the early 1950's, in her letter of October 2, 1979, quoted in part, as follows:

"I heard you speak at the MUFON Symposium in Dayton last year, and I am interested in your research on "Retrievals of the Third Kind"... I gave a talk at a local library last week, and in the discussion period following, a fellow told me that when he was a gunner in the Air Force; he had emptied his guns on a UFO and had taken pictures with his gun camera that clearly showed the shells exploding against the side of the craft. He said the camera was taken off the wing of his plane when it landed and the pictures developed. At 2 a.m., a couple of military policemen came and got him out of bed and took him to the base auditorium. They ran the 17 seconds of movie of the UFO over and over and questioned him, and two other crew members until 10 a.m. He was warned never to tell anyone what had happened.... He said he had a wife and family, a good job, and a lot to lose. He seemed afraid of the C.I.A., and wouldn't even give me his name...."
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