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Status Report II: New Sources, New Data
By Leonard H. Stringfield

Case A-5

Following my second lecture, April 6, 1978, before the Cincinnati Chapter of the World Wings Association, a gathering of 50 or more pilots, I was approached by a member of the association who knew of a "person at work" who, in turn, knew about crashed UFOs and occupants. As reported in Abstract #19 of my previous paper, I promptly got in touch.

On April 18, 1978, I talked with former Air Force Sergeant MS of the 97th Bomber Wing. He was prepared to relate information from a high-ranking Intelligence source relative to the retrieval of alien craft and humanoid occupants allegedly maintained at Wright-Patterson AFB. He also related a sobering story about a landing on an Air Force base, also from the same source. MS, while serving at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1977, made close acquaintance with Major General "T," who was assigned at Wright-Patterson for top security work in the Logistics Command. His rank and the nature of his work entitled him to a plane at his disposal at all times. He and the General's daughter (name known to me) were seriously lovelorn, and on that basis were frequently together. This allowed MS to be a guest at the General's home where he and the general had private chats.

From General "T," according to my informant, details were disclosed concerning a UFO that had crashed in the southwest region of the United States in 1957. At that time, General "T" was a Lt. Colonel. According to the General, radar had confirmed that an alien craft had crossed the skies over the United States at great speed. It was tracked to the point of its crash. The area, as in most cases, was "roped off," and a military unit summoned (with canines) for maximum security.

From the damaged craft, four humanoid bodies were recovered with great difficulty because of the inability to penetrate the craft's metal structure. The deceased bodies were found badly burned, some parts so severely that certain features were indistinguishable. However, the suits they wore - appearing silver - were not damaged by the obviously intense heat endured inside the craft. Said the General, "The suits were fused to the flesh."

According to the General, the four bodies, approximately 5 feet in height, were sent to Wright-Patterson AFB where he had seen them in a deep-freeze morgue, kept at approximately 120 degrees below zero for preservation. The only other anatomical feature described by General "T" was that the heads of the aliens were large by human standards. Facial features were erased by the heat factor.

The craft? The General related that scientists assigned to the task of dismantling it ran into difficulty. To get inside, they concentrated on an area where a fissure or crack had resulted, probably from impact. Shipment to Wright-Patterson, he said, quoting the General, "Was by rail, using two military conveyance rocket cars, properly camouflaged and classified as 'rockets'."

On another occasion, MS as a guest of the General at his home, while alone, was shown a Top Secret document concerning a landed UFO. The incident occurred at Nellis AFB, Nevada, 1968, and MS expressed disbelief when he read the report. Stamped TOP SECRET, as he recalled, it read, in part: Large UFO hovered over Nellis AFB for three days. Three small alien craft were observed separating (or being ejected) from parent craft. One landed on the air base grounds. Sent to greet the landed craft was a Colonel with security detachment properly armed. There was no mention of an attempt to assault the craft. While waiting for a sign of intent, a humanoid was observed to disembark from the craft, which was described as "short and stocky." Then, a beam of ligt was directed at the Colonel. The Colonel was instantly paralyzed, according to the report. Orders then came from the officer next in command for his detachment to fire, but their weapons jammed. The UFO was observed to retreat to its parent craft and then departed. The Colonel was hospitalized. The only recall by the Colonel, as MS remembers from the report, was that he could rationalize the event only in terms of mathematics, as though an attempt at communication had been conducted in this manner.



I made a check on General "T" at Wright-Patterson AFB. They had no entry of his name as having been stationed there. However, when MS (and a witness) called the Accounting and Finance Section at Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado, to obtain the General's new address in the area he had planned to retire, he was refused on grounds of the Privacy Act. But, the General's name was on record. To authenticate the General's report on the Nellis AFB incident, I checked with an Intelligence source and obtained confirmation. (See Case A-6).

During August of 1978, MS tried several times through other military friends to make personal contact with the General, but to no avail. On September 28, 1978, to check on a detail about MS's personal life, I called his employer and talked with the comptroller, the person who arranged our contact initially, and learned to my surprise that my informant had suddenly left his job three weeks before. The Comptroller said that MS had a service-related back disability and had gone to Wright-Patterson AFB for corrective surgery. MS has since become unreachable, having left no new home address or phone number.
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