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Status Report II: New Sources, New Data
By Leonard H. Stringfield

Item B-13

In my first UFO crash/retrieval paper, I made brief reference to an alleged incident occurring in the Spring of 1977 in southwestern Ohio which involved an encounter between a landed or disabled alien craft and its crew and a U.S. military detachment dispatched to the site. Since it made news and drew inquiry, the town nearest the site has been identified as Lumberton, on Highway 68, southwest of Xenia, Ohio. The incident is one of violence, ending in a western-style shoot-out. Word was that it resulted in 11 American casualties and an unknown number of aliens. To add fuel to this story, which emanated from a research group in Pennsylvania, I learned from another source in Cincinnati that a person working in an "off limits" area at Wright-Patterson claims to have seen "bodies on litters" arriving at the base during the same time frame.

Researchers involved in the investigation of this sensitive incident prefer anonymity. It all began when a respected researcher in Pittsburg overheard the story during a luncheon from an engineer who worked for the city's school system. He, in turn, knew of another person who was supposed to have been involved somehow in the macabre experience. But the key person, despite repeated attempts, could never be reached. Bob Pratt, a highly respected reporter for the National Enquirer, also tried to pursue the case and hunt down the key source. He, too, talked with the secondhand source but he would not reveal the identity of the principal source.

In October 1977, I also tried to get a new lead by calling many law enforcement agencies covering three counties. I got nowhere. It is understandable, if this case is true, that it would be kept under the tightest security.
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