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RedPill Reports
Red Pill Reports News - Online & Syndicated World Wide Radio Broadcast with Original Content, Aggregated Featured Content & Special Guest Interviews Mon. through Fri.

Linda Moulton Howe joins JD, for this edition of Red Pill Reports. It should not be a surprise that the conversation lead quickly into the topic of animal mutilation and creatures from outer space; aliens, hybrids and droids. As the interview opens, Linda talks about how her career began at Stanford. The Stanford linear accelerators, working with early computers and the bombardment images. From there to a local Boston TV station to work in science and medicine, and then to Director of Special Projects at a local Denver TV Station. In the summer of 1979, Mark O'Kane, an audio man, said he had just come off of a shoot with 20/20. He took Linda to a location where animals, mostly cattle, had ears, eyes, tongue, jaws, genitals and rectum cored out with no blood and no tracks. If that wasn't strange enough, there was something else odd that was happening on location. They couldn't keep the battery packs operating when near the animals. Why? Linda and the crew went from one location to another investigating this strange phenomenon. Sheriff Tex Graves from Logon County, who was about to retire, told her off camera that the animal mutilation perpetrators were “creatures from outer space”. This began Linda's "trip down the rabbit hole".

KMGH-TV Director of Special Projects Linda Moulton Howe with TV cameraman Richard Lerner and audio man Mark O'Kane
in cattle corral south of Denver, Colorado in spring of 1980 during production of Howe's investigation of the animal mutilation
mystery, A Strange Harvest, that originally broadcast on May 25, 1980.

Red Pill Reports 01-23-2015 Guest Linda Moulton Howe.mp3


Source: http://redpillreports.com/red-pill-reports/linda-moulton-howe-creatures-from-outer-space-aliens-hybrids-and-droids/

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