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My good friend and webhost, Errol Bruce-Knapp, is a legend in his own rights and a very intelligent man. We first met when I was flown down to Toronto by TVOntario to do an interview for a French TV show about UFOs during an ESP Psychic Fair at the Convention Center. I met most of my UFO research colleagues there, including Errol, when I helped to run the MUFON table that was set up amongst the other kiosks.

In 2007, Errol supplied me with some web design programs and suggested that I create a website. And that's how NOUFORS was born. I owe it all to him and his technical know-how. Thanks, Errol! :)

Click here for The Other Side of Truth with Paul Kimball - Episode 1.10: Errol Bruce-Knapp

Pirate Radio Caroline - 1964 to 1968

We spent two weeks aboard and one week ashore - if the weather allowed the tender to come along-side.
— with Mike Allen and Paul Noble.

Errol Bruce-Knapp

Errol Bruce-Knapp has worked in broadcast media for over 45 years. He was a 'Pirate Radio DJ' on ships off the UK coast in the mid 1960's. He is also a • Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame'r • http://www.offshoreradio.co.uk/djsbo.htm. He was Chuck The Security Guard's side-kick 'Ryerson' on The All-Night Show, part of the TVOntario team that put the expression 'Fast Forward' into the English lexicon and has worked the Toronto radio scene since the late sixties.

He's been intrigued by UFOs for many years and got involved, on a full-time basis, in 1993 when he got his first computer and joined The Mutual UFO Network of Ontario. He also moderated the UFO UpDates E-mail List.

Errol Bruce Knapp - Pirate Radio - The Real Story.mp3
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