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Amazing Stories

July 1947




I tried several years ago to tell this story to some men who claimed to be interested in strange experiences and I have never tried again. I have been reading AMAZING STORIES a long time, but your "Observatory" has given me courage to contribute my two-cents. I have seen a space ship, not miles up, not miles away, but within two thousand feet, not flashing across the sky, but going around fifty miles an hour.

In February, about the 5th, 1910 - 11:45 P.M., about four miles north of Greer, Idaho, on the Clearwater river, my house lighted up like sunlight. I went outside and saw advancing from the north, or downriver, a large yellow globe, which I thought was a large meteor, but it was travelling so slowly and well below the canyon rim that I soon changed my mind. It passed so low over my head, and between me and the eastern canyon slope, that I could not see clear over its curve to its top. However, I had plenty of time to see that it was a perfect globe, made of a substance like highly-polished gold in color,not bright itself, but lighting up the canyon like sunshine and reflecting back the lighted walls against itself. I could detect no separate lighting system, but the globe was what (yellow, dark, golden) lighted the ground, with intense white light.

This globe was not less than one-half-mile in diameter. I think more. It traveled south following the canyon of the Clearwater, and almost directly across the river from me curved around a jutting hill as a plane would do.

There were no openings, no visible ports or observation blisters, no rockets, no vapor, no sound of motors; but a strong draft followed it as it would follow a train or other moving body, and only the sound of wind was perceptible.

I watched this globe travel about ten miles. It was below canyon rim, as before stated, not over two-thousand feet up, and missing jutting peaks and ridges in a manner showing easy control.

I am 66 years old, think it my duty to leave this record, because this ship or others like it will visit us again. If Shaver, or others of your authors had seen it, your space ships would not have clumsy rocket tubes.

F. H. Whitney,
Rt. 4,
Everett, Wash.


July 1947




Did anyone report seeing the following at about 11:25 Tuesday night, January 21st, 1947?

What looked like a rocket shot up from the horizon. It was a large ball of fire and left a trail of sparks and light behind it. As it climbed higher, it would seem to send a long beam of light earthward, become long in shape, and would seem to shoot higher into the sky.

I awoke my husband as soon as I realized it was something different so that people could not say I was crazy or dreaming. So, although he did not see it leave the earth, he saw it climbing. When it was not moving higher it looked like a very large red star. It would get almost white when the light streamed from it. It traveled in a southerly direction. In the half an hour which I spent watching it it went about one-sixteenth of the circumference of a circle.

The stars at that time were quite high from the horizon and in less than ten minutes it seemed to be quite high and to have passed the lowest ones still climbing. Two or three times in the night I got up and looked and it was still there and looked just like a star, only it twinkled more than a star and was redder and nearer two other stars that I had lined it up with.

Do you think it could have been a space ship?

This is the first time I've ever seen anything go up into the sky, but four different times I've seen things come down to earth.

In 1932 in the latter part of the winter what looked to be a red star settled swiftly to the ground in the hills west of us.

In the summer of 1933 a blinding green light flashed over our heads and landed in a swampy land west of us.

One night in the summer of 1944 a star (?) seemed to fall in our meadow.

This winter a blinding white light seemed to settle in the swampy land to the west of us.

There are funny things that happen here. We hear voices which we cannot understand. The dogs will be sleeping. All at once they will bristle up, bark, growl and back away with their tail between their legs and we can see nothing for them to act that way.

Another thing, you've never mentioned the changing of the northern lights. Their crest is much farther east than it was. Does this mean the magnetic center of the earth is changing?

Eunice Finstrom,
Exeland, Wisconsin


January 1948




I bought the October issue of AMAZING STORIES about a week ago, but for some reason or other, I haven't had the time to read it until this morning. I noticed inthe "Observatory" your article about the flying discs, asking for information about them.

Until the 8th of this month, I was driving a bus near the Des Moines, Springfield and Southern Routes, 312 2nd Street, Des Moines, Iowa. I was discharged on this date due to the fact that the traffic manager and myself could not get along together.

But to get along with my story. On June 29, 1947 I left Des Moines, Iowa at 1:30 P.M. on my regular schedule, bound for Mason City, Iowa, a distance of 165 miles. I had been reading the "Flying Saucers" tales in the newspapers, but I had been scoffing at them. When I was about some miles out of Clarion, Iowa there was an object shot across the sky in front of me at a roughly estimated height of 1200 feet. This object was rather large and was followed by four more. And I am one of these fellows that has to find out what it is going on when anything happens, I stopped the bus and got out. When I stepped out of the bus, which was facing east, I noticed some objects in the sky coming from the opposite direction from which the first five went, which was roughly south by southeast. In this group there were 13 objects flying in a single file. These were about the height as the first and as near as I know at a speed of about 300 m.p.h. These were, roughly, between a circle and an oval, in shape. In appearance they looked like an inverted saucer flying through the air. At the thickest part they were, I would say about 12 feet thick. And as for the diameter they could have been anywhere from 175 to 250 feet. And they were a "dirty" white in color. These disappeared to the N.N.W. sky in a matter of a couple of minutes. They made a noise when they went over head like an electric motor or dynamo. I saw the discs at about 4:45 P.M.

Editor, I'm not one of those fellows who can be impressed by what the public says, and I am not subject to attacks of nerves, nor does my imagination ever run away with me. When I see anything it is really there. And I saw the discs. As for what they were or where they came from, I am completely in the dark. But I will say "they are not native to the planet earth". Or such is my belief.

I have been interested in Science-fiction and facts concerning the stars ever since I could read. The first I ever read was "Buck Rogers" of the comic strip. Then a fellow who ran a newsstand gave me a bundle of science fiction with the covers torn off. I guess this was about 1936. I was about nine years old then. I am 21 now. So you see how long I've been reading it.

I've always been interested in interplanetary travel. Hope, some day, I can do some myself. Hope, some day, I can do some myself. Richard Shaver and I see eye to eye on these stories hehas written. I know of some things that have happened, similar to what happened to him. If you would be interested get in touch with me, and I'll be glad to write them to you - confidential, cause whenever I think of oneof them, there is a deadly coldness settles in my mind. I've never told anyone about them cause they'd think I was stark, raving mad. In fact, it scares me. So if it will help matters any, for God's sake, let me tell them. Every time I think of this one deal, it seems if there is something takes hold of my brain and begins to squeeze. And until I start to think about something else, I am in agony. If you want my experience, please let me know.

How about a lot more interplanetary stories in AMAZING STORIES. Keep up the good work. Hoping to hear from you soon, I am.

Dale Bays
Box 12
Crocker, Mo.

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