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Car-stop UFO encounter near Velje, Jutland (Denmark)

Date: September 29, 1995
Location: Vejle, Jutland, Denmark

A 24-year-old man was driving to visit his parents in Vejle in Jutland, Denmark, when he experienced a dramatic stopping of his car when a disc-shaped UFO with a powerful light hovered over his vehicle. The object was only 3-4 meters above the car, and he could see a number of circular lamps on the underside. After a short time, the intensity of the light from the UFO diminished, and it slowly moved away and out of sight; he was able to start the car again normally.

Artist's impression of the vehicle encounter near Vejle, Jutland, Denmark. (Evans and Stacey)

Source: Kim Moller Hansen, in Evans and Stacey (1997)

Car-Stop Encounter in Denmark

by Kim Moller Hansen

This account of the event of 29 September 1995, [in which there was a dramatic stopping of a car where a very large disc with a powerful light hovered over the vehicle,] is based on the witness's written report and the investigation by Torben Birkeholm, SUFOI's Field Investigator in Jutland.


It was Friday evening. A 24-year-old man was driving southward from Brande towards Vejle in Jutland, on his way to visit his parents. ...His only companion was the black Labrador lying on the back seat. There was hardly any traffic.

It was dark with dry, clear weather: the external temperature was over 10°C. ...The car's clock was showing 21.30, when suddenly he saw the speedometer shoot straight round to maximum and the other instruments started to go wild. The rev counter also went to maximum and the thermometer shot up into the red, where the needle stood vibrating. At the same time, the windscreen wipers started going at great speed - though they were not even switched on! In bewilderment, he tried flicking the wiper switch, but this had no effect.

The dog started to become agitated on the back seat, and the witness had to tell it to lie down. […Soon] the engine went completely dead and the car came to a stop - in complete darkness - out in the middle of the country road.


While the witness nervously peered through the windscreen and glanced repeatedly in the rear-view mirror, for fear of any cars that might be approaching, he tried immediately to re-start the car. He turned the ignition key, but nothing happened. The ignition light did not come on, there was no power. Everything was dead.

…After three or four fruitless attempts [to restart his car], he suddenly became aware of a strange, oppressive sensation 'from above', like some sort of physical influence that he found hard to describe...

Without warning - and without a sound - an enormously powerful light practically 'exploded' over the vehicle. The light came from above, and it was blinking or pulsing quickly at regular intervals. The witness saw the light through the windscreen, looked up and saw a huge disc above him. He was scared, but immediately opened the door, put his left foot on the road and leaned halfway out, his left hand on top of the door and his right hand on the steering wheel. His dog was whining and trying to hide, trying vainly to 'bury' itself under the front seat.


The light was dazzling and he had to squint to see anything. He saw a large disc, 12-15 metres in diameter, just three or four metres above the car. The disc's outer edge was dark against the background of the starry sky. A little further in, he could see a number of concentric circles of light, which were closer together the nearer they were to the centre of the disc.

Each light-circle consisted of 'lamps' that were equally spaced all the way around. Each 'lamp' consisted of two circles, like a bulb in the middle of a reflector. The light itself seemed like neon and each 'lamp' shone as brightly as a halogen lamp.

Near the centre of the disc, the light was so strong that the witness could make out no details, or see whether there was a single light source or a cluster of small ones. He observed that the light's boundary was very sharply defined, going straight down rather than spreading out to the sides as would be normal.

Consequently, the circumference of the light field on the ground corresponded to that of the disc above.

...The colour of the light was white and indigo, somewhat reminiscent of the light from a welding torch, but not nearly as strong. It 'quivered' in a strange fashion.


...After a short time, he saw that the intensity of the light was slowly diminishing, as if someone were operating a dimmer ...Through the windscreen, he saw that the disc was slowly moving forwards ahead of him. It carried on towards the trees nearby, still very low down, and as it reached the first trees, it literally had to 'tip' its left-hand side up to avoid them. It carried on with a faint light and disappeared out of sight in a matter of a few seconds, still without a sound.

As the disc glided towards the front of the car, he could see that it was not flat. It looked peculiar, with something like 'triangles' or 'spikes' which he estimates were approximately one third of the disc's diameter, or about three metres high. The outer edges were rounded off, like a parasol…

For a short while, he simply sat in the car, trying to calm his still agitated dog while he collected himself after what had happened. After maybe three or four minutes, he turned the ignition key to check if there was any power. The headlights came on and he noticed straight away that the digital clock stood at 21:31. He turned the key completely: the engine started immediately. Lights and instruments were functioning normally.

He was still feeling afraid - his legs were trembling - but he drove off. For a while, he did not drive over 70 km/h, but he speeded up when he had calmed down a little.

After driving 35 km, the witness reached his parents home and immediately told them what had happened. The experience was still affecting him and he was shaking. His parents asked him to contact someone - there must be some 'UFO people' he could ring. But he was too frightened and upset and did not phone anyone…


The 24-year-old man lives in Aalborg (northern Jutland), where he is a student nurse… He comes across as a surprised and honest person who gives no impression of being other than very normal.


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case733.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.