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Official UFO Documents

The following documents were obtained from several sources, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). These UFO documents were released under The Freedom Of Information Act or FOIA.

I also have in my possession Canadian CIRVIS documents, which were provided to me by a fellow researcher in British Columbia who obtained them through Canada's Access to Information Law. CIRVIS stands for Communications Instructions Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings.
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Here are a few samples of UFO documents collected from the FBI website. All 1,600 files have been posted below:
FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
NSA (National Security Agency)
DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)
AISS UFO Report of Joseph Long,
1st Lt, USAF
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
A Report Prepared for the

December 1960
Brookings Report - The NY Times 12/15/1960

Dateline: The New York Times, Thursday, December 15, 1960

Mankind is warned to Prepare for Discovery of Life in Space - Brookings Institution Report Says Earth's Civilization Might Topple if faced by a Race of Superior Beings

Washington. Dec 14 (UPI) -- Discovery of life on other worlds could cause the earth's civilization to collapse, a Federal report said today.

This warning was contained in a research report given to the National Aeronautical and Space Administration with the recommendation that the world prepare itself mentally for the eventuality.

The report, prepared by the Brookings Institution, said "while the discovery of intelligent life in other parts of the universe is not likely in the immediate future, it could nevertheless, happen at any time." Discovery of Intelligent beings on other planets could lead to an all-out effort by earth to contact them, or it could lead to sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization, the report said.

Even on earth, it added, "societies sure of their own place have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society, and others have survived even though changed."

Responding to Crisis

"Clearly, the better we can come to understanding the factors involved in responding to such crisis the better prepared we may be."

The agency's 100-page report, prepared at a cost of $86,000 was for the space agency's committee on beings-in-space studies. The members, headed by Donald M. Michael also recommended further study of other space activities, including the symptomatic and propaganda effects and the implications of communications and weather satellites.

On the question of life in outer space, the report said that if intelligent or super-intelligent beings were discovered in the next twenty years they would probably be found by radio communications with other solar systems.

Evidence of such existence "might also be found in artifacts left on the moon or other planets," it said.

An attempt already has been made to contact outer space. Government scientist at Greenbank, West Virginia used radio astronomy in an effort to pick up signals that might have been beamed by intelligent beings. They concentrated on a star about fifteen light years away.

Signals were sent from Greenbank were of a kind that would show to anyone receiving on other planets that they were man-made and not natural phenomena.

Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies
by Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer and Professor Albert Einstein
Princeton, New Jersey

Department of Transport (Ottawa)
These documents were obtained from the files of the late Wilbert B. Smith, Senior Radio Engineer for the Department of Transport in Ottawa. This is the original draft he wrote in November 1950.

Canadian CIRVIS Documents
These documents were obtained from Brian Vike of the Houston, British Columbia Center for UFO Research (HBCC).
CIRVIS Reports For The 1960s
177 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For The 1970s
128 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For The 1980s
106 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For 1993
19 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For 1994
32 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For 1995
137 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For 1996
9 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For 1998
28 Pages
CIRVIS Reports For 1999
20 Pages
Resolution Bay Sighting Files - NWT
26 Pages
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