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The Auckland Star

Auckland, STAR, 14 July 1954, page

Huge object seen over Dargaville

DARGAVILLE, Wednesday (O.C.). - "Weird and frightening" was the description given by a party of six Dargaville women who saw a huge rocket-like object glide slowly over Dargaville at about 9.50 o'clock last night. It travelled from the direction of Whangarel and disappeared in the direction of the west coast.

What amazed the women, who were returning from singing practice, was the slowness of the object's flight and its relatively low altitude. Rocket-shaped, it was yellow in front, followed by bright emerald green. What appeared to be flames were seen leaping from the end of the object, which illuminated the countryside over which it travelled.

"It was definitely frightening," commented one of the women this morning.

A resident in Hoklanga Road also saw it. He was asleep at the time but the bright light created by the object woke him up and caused him to rush outside to see what had caused the illumination. The object disappeared over the hillside in such a manner that he thought it had dived into the ground.

An immediate search of the locality failed to reveal any sign of the object.

Auckland, STAR, 3 December 1954, page

Increasing reports claimed of strange objects in the sky

Unidentified flying objects have been seen by people in England, France and Italy in greater numbers in the last few months, said Mr H. Fulton, the president, at the fourth general meeting of Civilian Saucer Investigations (n>Z.).

Mr Fulton said that whole towns and up to 15,000 observers, had stopped to gaze at these objects in daylight. There had been at least 25 claims of contact with space men in France and Italy, he said.

Mr Fulton said there had been numerous radar sightings in England. The objects had appeared for a series of days, 30 to 50 in formation, and flown in Z or U fomations.

The meeting was attended by 5 members and their guru.

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