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The Boston Globe

Boston, Massachusetts, GLOBE, 9 July 1947, page

"Can't Laugh Off Saucers," Says Senator

WASHINGTON, July 9 (UP) - Senator Glen H. Taylor, Dem., of Idaho, said today he almost hopes the "flying saucers" will turn out to be space ships from another planet.

"They would end our petty arguments on earth," the "singing cowboy" told a reporter.

He said the "mere possibility" that the spinning circles might be hostile would "unify the people of the earth as nothing else could."

Taylor, who is plugging hard for a United States of the World, added, "you'd have world government so quick it would make your head swim."

The Senator said that no matter what the "saucers" are they "can't be laughed off."

"If they're something we've invented," he said, "we'd better take note that other people can invent, too. If it's the Russians, we'd better look at our 'hole card' and realize we're not the only ones with inventive genius."

Even if it's only a psychological phenomenon, Taylor says, it's a sign of what the world's coming to.

"If we don't ease the tensions, the whole world will be full of psychological cases and eventually turn into a global nuthouse."

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