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The Braxton Democrat

Sutton, West Virginia, BRAXTON DEMOCRAT, 18 September 1952, page 1

The Monster Stood right on the spot where Mrs. Kathleen May and these six boys pose for the photographer, according to their stories. Shown are Mrs. May, her two sons, Edward and Theodore, and Eugene Lemon, Ronald Shaver, Theodore Neal and Neal Nunley, all of Flatwoods. They're standing pat on their story that they saw a huge, green monster on this spot Friday night following the flight of a meteorite through West Virginia skies.

Sutton, West Virginia, BRAXTON DEMOCRAT, 18 September 1952, page 1

Flatwoods Folks See Monster

Last Friday evening, about 7:30 o'clock, seven residents of Flatwoods, were terrified when they saw, according to their description, a large monster, resembling a man, on the Bailey Fisher farm, not far from the center of the town. Those who went to the spot and described the object were Mrs. Kathleen May, of Flatwoods, a beautician who is employed in Sutton, her two sons, Edward and Theodore, Eugene Lemon, Ronald Shaver and Neal Nunley, all of Flatwoods.

On Friday evening, about 7:30, a group of boys were playing football on the grounds at the grade school, when they saw a meteor-like object pass over the town and they thought it landed on the hill at the Fisher farm.

They decided to have a look and walked up to the depot and around the road that leads to the spot. While on the way they passed the May home and, after telling their story, Mrs. May and sons decided to go with them. As they approached the spot, about 300 yards above the farm house, they were still able to see the way but a foggy mist began to appear about this time and they noticed a peculiar nauseating odor that had a tendency to burn their nostrils and throats.

As they proceeded up the hill, Gene Lemon was leading the way, and he says he suddenly sighted a pair of eyes, shining through the fog. He said he thought it might be an o'possum and turned his flashlight in that direction. All members of the party saw in the light of the flash a huge man-like creature.

Mrs. May and other members of the party described the monster as follows: It was in the shape of a man with one over-sized head of a fiery orange-red color. They figured it was at least 10 or 12 feet tall and its eyes protruded and seemed to throw off beams of light. They described the body as of a dark green color and said the creature had small claw-like hands which were extended in front of it.

After Eugene Lemon got a glimpse of the creature, Mrs. May said he fell backward on the ground. All members of the party ran down the hill.

When they turned and ran, the creature was still there but how or when it disappeared they do not know as they did not look back. No one saw it disappear.

Mrs. May ran to a nearby home and notified the sheriff and state police. Sheriff Robert Carr and Constable Cecil Rose visited the scene and talked with the parties.

A. Lee Stewart, Jr., of the Braxton Democrat went at once to the place and talked with each member of the party, receiving the same story from each one.

About seven o'clock Saturday morning, Mr. Stewart went again to visit the scene as it was too dark to see much on Friday night. He said the grass was waist high on the hill and there were two wide skid marks about 10 or twelve feet apart and each about ten yards long and that the grass was trampled at each end. The odor still persisted on the grass when you got close to the ground and there were grease marks on some spots.

The Lemons boy was so overcome that ammonia and camphor were administered to him before he was fully restored and all members of the party were visibly shaken.

The story as it appeared in the daily papers has caused much comment and many questions. Calls have come into this office from New York, Washington, Los Angeles and many other places to have it repeated. Several news syndicates and magazines have shown an interest in further information with the object of using the story. Mrs. May has also been flooded with phone calls and letters.

Thursday morning, Mrs. May and Eugene Lemon, accompanied by Mr. Stewart, flew from Charleston to New York City, where Mrs. May will tell the story over a national television hookup. It will be seen and heard at 7:30 p. m. Friday evening.

Sutton, West Virginia, BRAXTON DEMOCRAT, 25 September 1952, page 1

Monster Still Top Subject

The story of the mysterious monster, seen last week at Flatwoods, is still the chief topic of interest in this section. Many people have visited the scene, some out of curiosity, others with the more serious intent of studying the subject from a scientific standpoint.

Letters of inquiry have been received from several countries and from nearly every state in the union, all asking for further information if any is available.

Mrs. Kathleen May and Gene Lemon, of Flatwoods, two of those who witnessed the strange monster, accompanied by A. Lee Stewart, Jr., of the Braxton Democrat, went to New York last week and appeared on a national television show on the N.B.C. network at 7:30 p. m. Friday. It was a disappointment that people in Sutton were not able to see the show, since it was not on the Huntington channel. However, letters and messages have been received from people in other places who witnessed the show. All agree that it was an interesting presentation.

For the benefit of those who did not see the show we will give a sketch of what happened. The party left Charleston by Eastern Airlines Thursday afternoon and arrived in New York at 5:30 p.m. Reservations had been made for them at the Belmont Plaza Hotel and all expenses were borne by the network.

The presentation of the story was very dramatic. Dan Seymore was master of ceremonies and he introduced the show by asking the audience to imagine a scene in the autumn dusk, in a lonely, secluded spot, which you reached right after viewing a fiery meteor in the sky. He said this was easy to imagine but and then the picture of the monster was flashed on the screen. This, he said, was not so easy. The showing of the picture was accompanied by eerie music, played by the orchestra and the rest of the program consisted of interviews.

After the group was introduced, Mrs. May told of going to the spot and Lemon told of his sensations when he flashed the light on the spot. Mrs. May described what she saw and Mr. Stewart summed up the story and told of his visit to the spot the next morning. He was also asked for the opinion of the folks back home and their reaction to the story. He said that so far as he knew no explanation of the monster has been given although many opinions had been advanced and perhaps in the future some explanation would be found for this and the many other strange objects that have been sighted in the last few months. The announcer closed the program with the remark that he would file this story in his archives as one of the top stories of the day.

The party took a plane to Charleston Saturday and arrived in Sutton Saturday afternoon.

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