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The Chattanooga News

Chattanooga, Tennessee, NEWS, 13 January 1910, page


Came from Direction of St. Elmo, Disappearing at the River Near the Island.

Some sort of an air-going craft passed directly over Chattanooga at 11 a. m. today. It came from the south, was first sighted in North Chattanooga, from where some one telephoned The News editorial rooms that it was coming and should be about over the Terminal station. By the time the telephone could be hung up and a window raised the craft was crossing a little east of Centenary church, evidently having passed just east of The News office and nearly directly over the Albert Theater. When The News staff first sighted the craft it was sailing high in the air, probably from 500 to 1,000 feet. It was traveling in such shape that it much resembled an aeroplane and a black object below in the stays much resembled a man. With the progress forward it shifted sidewise and its appearance changed to that of a cigar-shaped dirigible balloon. In appearance it was very white and evidently new, not being discolored by exposure. It traveled rapidly coming from South Chattanooga. It passed over the Terminal station, Albert Theater and disappeared apparently out Houston street way. A dense bank of smoke hung along the river and into this rate, coming from South Chattanooga. It being on the point of descendency.

While the balloon traveled a little east of north at a rapid rate, the flags on the custom house hung limp in a still atmosphere that would not have propelled a hot air balloon. The smoke from the stacks hung low and lifeless, indicating no breeze. Unless there was a strong current a few hundred feet above the earth, then the craft was propelled by its own power.

Dozens of persons in Chattanooga saw the flight and much curiosity was excited by the stories. To some the gas bag looked as big as a house; another said it was as long as a telegraph pole; still another described it as an oblong bad 10 feet through and 50 feet long.

Reports of such a craft passing Huntsville, Ala., about 4 p. m. yesterday give rise to the suspicion that this is the same craft; that the daring aviator landed at dark and resumed his journey this morning. The absence of a basket precluded the idea of the aviator spending the night or any very long hours in the rigging.

One gentleman who was on East Eighth street saw the craft pass nearly directly overhead. He says it passed west of the new Presbyterian church and east of Centenary, and that he could distinctly see a man in the stays; that when about opposite East Fourth street the navigator evidently expelled some of the gas, as he supposed, for the purpose of turning the craft around, but that it disappeared in a bank of smoke, and he could not tell what became of it.

Along the river there was a dense bank of fog and smoke so that even at the bridge no object could be seen more than a short distance.

Inquiry from every possible point north of the river failed to develop any news of the craft. It seemed to have disappeared into the fog for good and all. Long distance telephone to Hixson, Daisy and other points failed to bring any tidings.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, NEWS, 13 January 1910, page

(Special to The News.)

Huntsville, Ala., Jan. 31. - An airship passed directly over this city yesterday afternoon about 4:30 o'clock, coming from a southwesterly direction andf traveling to the northeast at a rapid rate of speed. The craft passed swiftly over the city, disappearing behind the mountains in East Huntsville before many people had seen it. No signal or demonstration of any kind was made and the craft appeared to be making a long journey. The craft was too high in the air to say whether it was an aeroplane, a dirigible balloon or an airship. Nothing more has been heard of the craft and it is believed it passed out of the Huntsville territory.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, NEWS, 14 January 1910, page


Seen Going in a Southeastern Direction About 11 O'Clock.


Much Mystery Concerning the Craft and its mission.

We are being spied on. An unknown aviator is soaring over the city each day, apparently taking note of local happenings. Just who the mysterious personnage is has not been discovered. A peculiar air craft was seen floating about yesterday morning and great wonderment was caused thereby. Hundreds of local people saw a cigar-shaped craft passing over the city Thursday morning and there was much inquiry as to its origin, destination and history. Nothing was forthcoming in the way of information. The day was exceedingly cloudy and only a faint glimpse could be had of the peculiar airship. There are those, however, who profess that they secured a good view of a man sitting in the stern and operating the machine. One man suggested that the airship contained a local merchant, hunting for the Chamber of Commerce, where he wished to make a donation. Another suggested that it was a certain political faction which is at the present time somewhat shaky on its underplanning and trying to ascertain "where it is at."

This morning about 11 o'clock another air craft was perceived in the darkened heavens and hundreds of inquiries were heard as to where it came from. It disappeared in a southeasterly direction and left no "footprints on the sands of time" to enable the curious to follow its course. Scores of people stood upon the streets today and "rubbered" until their necks were in danger of dislocation, but they are none the wiser for their patience.

Where the airship comes from each day, and who its aviator is will continue to be the subject of much inquiry until the problem is solved.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, NEWS, 13 January 1910, page


Paragould, Ark., Jan. 17. - A large airship, carrying three or four passengers, and a powerful headlight of some sort, passed over Paragould early Saturday evening, appearing from the north and headed south. The airship was about 1,000 feet high and carried a brilliant light. Thousands saw the air craft, which appeared to pause while passing over the south part of the city, and to circle about. The airship to all appearances was a dirigible balloon, and under perfect control. No signals were given out from the ship.

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