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The Hartford Courant

Hartford, Connecticut, COURANT, 12 August 1946, page

Rockets Seen Frequently Over Sweden

Mysterious Objects With Fiery Tails Are Experimental Missiles

Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 12 - (AP) - Ghost rockets, mysterious spool-shaped speeding objects with fiery tails, have become a common sight in Sweden, and military officials no longer doubt that the country is in a target area for experimentation with remotely controlled missiles.

Since July 1, newspapers have published reports of the flying fireballs nearly every day.

In the beginning many believed excited eye-witnesses had seen nothing more ominous than meteors. However, between July 9 and July 12 military authorities received 300 reports of the missiles and since that time added reports have poured in daily. Fragments examined by scientists gave little in the way of clues, except to indicate the presence of coke and other common materials.

Authorities, promising a communique on the results of the investigation within a few days, have cautioned Swedish newspapers not to publish the names of places where the ghost rockets appear, so that the senders would not be provided with important data. Official quarters declined to speculate on the source of the missiles, but it was believed elsewhere that the rockets come from some place along the Baltic coast of Germany.

Has Flaming Tail

The Swedish public has taken the rockets with surprising calm. Fears that a missile might do damage in a densely populated area have not been realized.

In general, the ghost rocket is described as a small object with a flaming tail which speeds at great heights and vanishes within a few seconds. Eye-witnesses say the rockets make no appreciable sound.

Newspapers recently carried a picture of the rocket, secured accidentally by a cameraman who was photographing a landscape. It showed a streak of light trailing from a small dark body, looking much like a comet.

Military authorities said the missiles evidently passed over Sweden in a huge curve. Some reports indicated the objects carried a device for self-destruction, and military experts said some apparently had exploded in the air. The longest flight of any of the missiles, so far as military experts could determine, was about 600 miles, as compared with the range of 35 to 45 miles for the first German V-2 rocket bombs.

There is no comparison, however, with the rocket bombs. The mystery missiles are small, and at low altitude seem almost square. The bottom of the object appeared to have been painted red, eyewitnesses said. Some observed these missiles flying extremely low.

These reports have been substantiated by a Swedish officer, a flyer, who saw one of the rockets during a recent flight.

Hartford, Connecticut, COURANT, 14 August 1946, page 1

Three Die When Rocket Hits Plane, Swedes Say

Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 13 - (UP) - Three flyers were killed when a Swedish military reconnaissance plane collided head-on with a rocket bomb yesterday, Stockholm newspapers reported today.

The newspaper Aftonbladet said the reconnaissance plane crashed near Vaggeryd in southern Sweden.

Shortly after the plane's pilot spotted the bomb, it said, radio contact was broken and the listening post "heard a crash," the newspaper, quoting investigators, reported.

Hartford, Connecticut, COURANT, 13 July 1947, page

Red Forest Destroyed By Meteorite Blast

London, July 12 - (AP) - A forest of 100-years-old cedars vanished without a trace in the explosion of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite, which fell in the Siberian coastal mountains northeast of Vladivostok early this year, Tass reported tonight from Alma Ata, Kazakh Soviet republic.

Reporting preliminary findings of an expedition from the Kazakh Academy of Sciences, which travelled across Siberia and back to investigate the phenomenon, the Soviet news agency said:

"The expedition came to the conclusion that the main meteorite in its fall created an air cushion and broke up on hitting it - before reaching the earth at all."

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