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The Hindustan Times

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 26 August 1954, page 4

'Flying Saucer' Seen In Delhi

A number of residents in localities to the south of New Delhi claimed to have seen on Wednesday what they thought was a "flying saucer."

The object which was bigger than a star and looked like a disc, was quite bright, the people said. It was noticed at 8-40 p.m. and moved irregularly from the Safdarjung airport towards the Jumna where it suddenly disappeared. The object was in the sky for about a minute.

Mr. Rajeshwari Prasad, I.A.S., an officer in the Home Ministry, said he saw the object from his residence in Shan Nagar. "I thought it was an illusion. I called out my wife and daughter who confirmed what I saw," he said The speed of the object, he said, approximated that of a Dakota.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 18 September 1954, page

Radar Screens Flying Saucer

ROME, Sept. 18. - An Italian radar station tracked for 39 minutes last night a big, cigar-shaped object seen by thousands of Romans, the Italian Air Force announced here today.

The Air Force said the station of Pratica Di Mare, 40 miles south-west of Rome, picked up the object at 6-49 p.m. (local time) and held it on the radar screen until 7-28 p.m.

The object flew at 3,600 feet along a 15-mile stretch of coast west of the capital. It flew slowly before making great speed and disappearing.

The Air Force added that the object was shaped like a cigar cut in half. Smoke poured from the pointed rear.

Thousands of Romans phoned the police to say they had seen the object.

Many said its exhaust trail across the sky was luminous - Reuter.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 11 October 1954, page

'Flying Cigar' Stops Car

LE MANS (France), Oct. 10. - "Flying cigar" which can stop cars and put out their lights was reported by a milkman, Alexandre Tremblais, yesterday.

Tremblais said he was driving his milk lorry along a road when suddenly the engine stopped and the headlights went out.

He got out to see what was wrong and noticed a shining red and blue "cigar," about three feet long, speed over his vehicle.

A few minutes later his engine started and the lights worked again.

Meanwhile, a "flying saucer" reported to have crashed near Abbeville turned out to be a meteorological balloon used by the R.A.F. It had burst on touching the ground.

Other reports of strange objects seen in the sky all over France included a "flying illuminated mushroom," a bright smoking orange disc and a grey machine making a loud whistling noise. - Reuter.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 13 October 1954, page 5

Mysterious Object Over Bombay Sky

BOMBAY, Oct. 12. - A mysterious object which looked like a luminous flying disc was seen by a Bombay business man, Mr D. G. Joshi, last night.

He said it moved at a terrific speed across the sky from south to north. It seemed to be about a foot long. Its centre was black but its tail shone brightly. It emitted a glow, was soundless and left no smoke behind.

Mr Michael Jacob, a college student, said he also saw a "saucer" shortly after midnight last night and described it as a sparkling disc which swept across the northern sky, and disappeared in a moment. - U.P.I.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 14 October 1954, page

Martians Reported Seen Near France

PARIS, Oct. 13. - A schoolmaster on leave from one of the French colonies has capped France's "flying saucer" serial with a tale about two young women from Mars.

M. Martin said he met the two Martians on the island of Oloron off the French Atlantic coast. They were about 5'-7" tall, wore leather helmets, gloves and boots and were very good-looking.

They borrowed his fountain pen and scribbled some mysterious signs on it. M. Martin could not read the writing but he kept it as evidence.

Flying discs, balls and cigars have again been reported everywhere from the Pyrenees to Alsace and back to Britanny in the past 24 hours. - Reuter.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 14 October 1954, page 6

Scepticism About 'Flying Saucers'

BOMBAY, Oct. 13. - Meteorologists here were sceptical of reports in Bombay of "flying saucers" having been seen zooming over the city in the past few days.

Nevertheless meteorologists at the Santa Cruz Weather Bureau yesterday issued an appeal to the people to alert the Bureau as soon as they sight any flying saucer.

They said they would make a scientific study of the object if such a thing was observed by them.

Reports were current here yesterday of people having seen flying saucers. Some claimed to have sighted it sometime at midnight last week and described it as a luminous flying disc moving at a terrific speed. Others said they saw the saucer emitting "wreaths of fire" and believed the diameter of it was about one foot. It was also reported to have been seen at mid-day at a great height.

Meteorologists at the Colaba observatory said that weather balloons, sent up every day, might have caused an optical illusion. They also said such an illusion was created by an aircraft flying at a high altitude in moonlight. - P.T.I.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 2 November 1954, page

'Flying Saucer' Seen In Assam

DEOGHAR, Nov. 1. - An object looking like a "flying saucer" was seen here yesterday at about 6 p.m. Hundreds of people gathered at the top of Nandan Hills to have a clear view of the object which was of oblong shape and had a bright light at the back.

It came from west and vanished in the eastern sky.

A similar report has been received from Gauhati where the 'saucer' was seen at about 7 p.m. - U.P.I.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 13 November 1954, page

Flying Mystery Over Calcutta
Dum Dum Officer's Account

CALCUTTA, Nov. 12. - A bright luminous object with a long tail which is reported to have been seen in the sky over Calcutta on October 31 from the control tower of the Dum Dum airport has started a spate of speculation about flying saucers and Martian observers.

Airport authorities have a report from one of their technical officers about his observation of this mysterious object. It is learnt that the officer while on duty at the tower on October 31 last at about 6 p.m. suddenly found a flash in the sky which was moving at a speed of more than 500 miles per hour at an altitude of about 2,000 ft.

It was stated that the bright-white object had a long luminous tail of diffused white light and was passing about five miles north of his observation point. The light appeared about three or four times brighter than an aircraft tail light and the object disappeared from his view within a minute. It did not alter its height, direction of flight or speed. It was steady in its movement and disappeared gradually.

A foreign aircraft which was circling at that time did not report anything about it at the time of briefing.

The aerodrome officer of the Dum Dum airport confirmed that such a thing had been observed and a report on the subject had been submitted to him. He declined to make any comment on the subject, but said that he was sending the report to appropriate authorities.

Rev. Father F. Goreux, astronomer, in charge of the St. Xavier's College observatory and senior professor of the Calcutta University, commented: "It is not an astronomical object. That is certain."

A doctor of science from Lubaine University (Belgium) Rev. Goreux has done research work under Dr Einstein, and has years of experience in astronomical research.

He said that he had also received telephone calls from some of his acquaintances in the city who claimed to have seen a similar object in the sky almost on the same date and time.

Dr. Goreux explained that absence of sound could be due to a different mode of propulsion, "unknown to us at present." Its luminousity he said "may be a camouflage to hide its real identity."

He added that the low speed and change of direction as had been observed in such cases, were not compatible with the movement of astronomical objects.

He added: "To my mind, the coolness of American scientific authorities seems to suggest that they know about it. Had it not been so they would not have remained silent about an object which had also been observed in America years ago."

In this connection he referred to a very interesting report which he read some time back, in which it was stated that a pilot while chasing such an object had his plane "blown to bits."

Dr. goreux felt that the main thing was to collect observation from all quarters to determine the truth about these objects. - P.T.I.

India, HINDUSTAN TIMES, 1 December 1954, page 7

Queer Object In The Sky

COLOMBO, Nov. 30, - Two of Ceylon's Air Academy pilots on Sunday zoomed up to investigate a queer brown object which floated across the clear, cloudless sky at Ratmalana airport, but could not spot it.

A large crowd had gathered at the airport to see the object. - P.T.I.

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