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The Kansas City Star

Kansas City, Missouri, STAR, 12 July 1947, page

Flying Ships of 1880s.

To the Star: The flying saucer, or meteor disk, problem reminds me that back in the 1880s we had the flying ship myth. Persons in all parts of the country reported seeing the lights of supposed flying ships appearing in the sky at night. They never were visible during the day. Newspapers carried articles on the front page as true incidents.

I remember one article in The Star, wherein a flying ship landed in a pasture near Everest, Kas., and strangely garbed men, supposedly from the planet Mars, were seen to select and slaughter a fine beef animal, load their kill on board the ship and take off.

1457 East Sixty-sixth terrace.

"Sky Disks" Are in His Eyes.

Manhattan, Kas. - To The Star: After reading the accounts of the "mystery disks," I went outside the house and looked at the sky. There I saw, or seemed to see, many of the same disks streaking across the sky. I called my parents out to see the same things.

Then my father, who is a doctor, said the things we saw were nothing but red blood cells mirrored against the back of the eye. He said red blood cells were circular in shape and one side was slightly hollow. This is the same description as that of the "mystery disks."

Could this be the answer to the national mystery?


Kansas City, Missouri, STAR, 1 December 1954, page


Iranians Ask That Strange Craft Be Flown Elsewhere

Tehran, Dec. 1. (AP) - Reports of "flying saucers" in and near Iran's capital brought this plea from Tehran's English-language Tehran Journal:

"One version is that the flying objects are some kind of new secret weapon being tried out by various countries. If this is so, then we say: Try your weapons wherever you please but keep out of Asia in general and Iran in particular. Please! We've got enough trouble already."

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