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The Little Rock Gazette

Little Rock, Arkansas, GAZETTE, 18 June 1870, page


The Statesman (republican) has the following items:

The universal respect and good-will shown Gov. Clayton by all classes of people, irrespective of party affiliations, during his tour through this section of the state is a most positive proof of a healthy condition of the body politic, and of the peaceful and law-abiding disposition of our people. It fully corroborates all we have claimed for the people of the White river valley.

During the thunder and rain storm on the night of the 4th in ., quite a singular ohenomenon was observed by a large number of our citizens; about 9 o'clock, a light of about the size of a man's hat, was discovered in a northerly direction from the city. It was situated about ten degrees above the horizon, and was of the most dazzling brightness - so bright that during a flash of lightning it appeared to sparkle or scintillate. For an hour and a half it remained in the same position, and retained its brilliancy; at half past ten it gradually faded away and disappeared from sight. Many speculations were indulged in relation to its nature and origin. One thought it was a balloon, another that it was a ku-klux taking a bird's eye view of our town; the opinion was also ventured that it was a headlight of a locomotive of the Cairo & Folton Railroad.

Little Rock, Arkansas, GAZETTE, 5 June 1909, page 1


Propellers Can Be Seen by the Aid of Field Glasses.

Los Angeles, Cal., June 4. - A special dispatch from El Centro says:

"All Imperial valley is excited over reports of a mysterious airship which is making nightly flights over Salton sea."

"At first the ship appeared to be stationary at a point directly over Salton sea near the intake of the Alamo and New rivers. Then it began a rapid flight, passing directly across Salton sea and disappearing in the shadows of San Jacinto mountains."

"At Brawley a party of 20 men is said to have observed the machine through field glasses. Its appearance was that of a basket fastened between two wide wings and when the turn was made it is said the propellers could be plainly seen. The observers were unable to distinguish any person in the basket."

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