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The Peterborough Examiner

Peterborough, Ontario, EXAMINER, 1 November 1969, page

1915 Problem

During the First World War a large chemical plant was in operation in the tiny village of Donald in Haliburton county. It was in August 1915 when the residents were scared by a mysterious aeroplane flying over the village apparently spying on the chemical factory.

The foreman ordered all lights to be extinguished and, arming himself with a rifle, fired no less than 12 shots at the mysterious intruder.

A news report of the day records "It was well on in the evening when the residents first noticed the mysterious ship in the air, their attention being attracted by a strong ray of light, which seemed to come from a powerful headlight. The searchlight had the strength of a strong automobile headlight and cast a ray all around the vicinity."

"After remaining stationary for a short time, the machine (for such it appeared to be) sailed several feet away, and the villagers heaved a sigh of relief,but their joy was cut short and their fears increased when the machine returned and hovered around the chemical plant. It was then that foreman Jones proceeded to warn it off by firing several shots at the mysterious stranger. For an hour or so it shadowed the village and then retraced its flight beneath the stars to its hidden and unknown destination."

Was the ship of mystery, a German airship, an aeroplane, an unidentified flying object, or a figment of somebody's imagination? Over 50 years later it remains a piece of local history in the tiny village of Donald, where the skeleton of the chemical factory still stands to this day.

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