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The Walden Observer

Walden, Ontario, OBSERVER, 30 January 1995, page 7

UFO Sighting In Lively

A site I'll never forget as long as I live. Not fiction, not a night out on a party drinking. But reality. An ordinary night, an evening in Lively.

On July 27, 1970, the Lively Fire Department worked in vain to put out an impossible fire to get at. But in all their hard work managed to put her out. A fire that was started not on the bottom floor, but on top of the building 5 stories high. known today as the Lively Apartments.

But it was a trying situation for the Lively Fire Department. We must give it to them for keeping our Town safe from day to day.

The dawn of a day I'll never forget, came July 28, 1970 that evening. I got home from work, day shift. Mom had a nice supper waiting as I pulled into the driveway with my 1959 Ford full of Police decals on each side saying Auxiliary police. I've always liked law and order.

As we all sat around that evening, I got up to get a coffee. On returning I looked out the window which faces north, a good view of Lively. As I looked out, I said "Hey Mom and Dad they finally got lights all around the top of the Lively Apartment building. It's about time,it will be a lot safer now. Yes to our view, it looked as though it was a construction crane in the evening, moving.

Well, being 19 years old, and very curious, I said, "Dad there's something fishy, those lights are too far out from the building." Mom said, never mind that, go get Gary Poulton, so we can play some cards. I said OK, but I'll check that situation too.

I got in my old 59 Ford and drove over. As I neared the Esso Station, I was anxious at what I was witnessing. How I wish it was kids running a crane, as fear set in. To my astonishing eyes, beholding the site I was seeing. A night I'll never forget.

Towering over the Lively Apartment building like something majestic, a UFO keeping watch over the Town. Yes only 5 stories high, being that the Lively Apartment building was still under construction, with a few more stories to go.

Yes hovering above the Lively Apartment building was this saucer. A saucer so magnificient, so large and so beautiful, it dwarfed the Lively Apartment building. My fear left me, I stopped and started my car, obviously the saucer didn't affect the power of my car. I got brave and crossed 6th Ave. and over to the Police Shop. I got out of my car, and still looking up I felt I could touch it. Soon after the saucer started to move slowly. I could actually see a mass of what looked to be fluorescent lights going back and forth with the colours of the rainbow. My what a beautiful site, you could hear a pin drop as the ship started to ascend.

As I arrived at Gary's, I asked him to look up and he confirmed waht I saw, but it had gotten smaller as it was moving. As we watched it move it had made its way over Copper Cliff and the lights from the Super Stack, which was under construction reflected in the saucer's belly. Then it disappeared.

Was it a coincidence that the tornado came through Lively a year later? Maybe it was a warning.

It is certainly unlikely that Gary and I were the only ones to witness such a sight. If there is anyone out there that had witnessed the same sighting please come forward, we would have a lot of questions to ask and a lot of stories to share.

Derek J. Polmateer
Box 256, Naughton, Ontario
P0M 2M0 - 692-1427

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