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Three scientists see two circular UFOs with cabin on top
Date: August, 1970
Location: Tanami Desert , Australia

"We saw 2 UFOs same design size with pulsing flame or lights yellowish flashing from underneath "exhaust" at about a second between each flash the distance was about only 300 yards from our position at about eye level with an above ground level altitude of only several hundred feet."

Image © AUFORN Diane Frola

Source: AUFORN (Australian UFO Research Network) - Diane Frola

Report & images © AUFORN Diane Frola

UFO sighting 1970 Tanami Desert Northern Territory

Dated: August 1970
Location: Mongrel Downs Station near WA border half way between Alice Springs & Darwin

Names have been witheld by request.

Three very highly educated and qualified people:

One Geophysicist; Two Geologists, all involved in Mineral Exploration and Mapping, employed by a mining company in Tennant Creek working in the Tanami Desert. One of the witnesses has since gone on to become a member of parliament in Western Australia.

Land marks - Granite & Rabbit Flats Northern territory.

"At the time of the sighting, we were on a property called Mongrel Downs Station close to the western Australian boarder. At the time of the sighting, we stopped our two land rovers at a location known as the Three Officers Hill, which are several hundred feet high in an otherwise flat landscape for virtually hundreds of miles.

We saw 2 UFOs, same design, size, with pulsing flame or lights yellowish flashing from underneath "exhaust" at about a second between each flash the distance was about only 300 yards from our position at about eye level with an above ground level altitude of only several hundred feet.

It appeared as if they were on a "Sunday afternoon cruise"; the UFOs traveling at slow speed, maybe 50 miles per hour, were visible until they disappeared across the horizon. They took a good minute or two to pass our position and disappear."


"Circular with a cabin on top with portholes both visible; both with pulsing flame/light flashing at about 1-second intervals; the size according to my friend T our Geophysicist, about thirty feet in diameter. The colour was silver, the machines were silent and no exhaust smoke but the underneath exhaust flashed about each second.

From our position, we were looking north; the UFOs were traveling west to east at low speed and low altitude, therefore we had a remarkable dress circle view of the objects.

The atmospherics was a typical Northern Territory winters day, the time was about 3.00 p.m the sun was just to the back of us, not a cloud in the sky visibility about 20 miles.

The UFOs were traveling at a slow speed and maintained that slow speed and low altitude maybe for 500 yards above ground level despite the time it took to pass over our dress circle position. They traveled one behind another.

The motion of the UFO traveling ahead appeared to be vibrating at the front the other following close behind in smooth motion perhaps in the slip stream (was the front one wounded???)

Several days later, we returned from our bush location and called into Mongrel Downs Station and informed the owners of these events.

The owner of Mongrel Downs Station informed us that several months earlier strange lights were observed coming from the area we had been in late one evening

They informed the Department of Civil Aviation Darwin of the happenings and we called on R.A.A.F Officers for details and were subsequently and officially informed "Surveyors were working in the area" ('That's Bollocks'). In those days, surveyors could not work at night. Besides, any human species wondering around that ultra remote area would be known and permission to be on the property would be sought by the owner.

The Government explanation was a load of bull, Diane. I remember this event as though it happened just yesterday.

They are among us observing the bloody mess we are making of our beautiful planet.

Food for thought.

For example, should you draw a line between the U.S. submarine base at Exmouth Gulf of Western Australia and the U.S. base at Pine Gape in Alice Springs, one could maybe construed that was the approximate line those space vehicles were traveling on ???.

Almost immediately after our sighting, I purchased Bruce Cathy's book Harmonic ECT and in his book, he has pictures of these things, some were absolutely identical to what we saw on that sunny afternoon at Mongrel Downs Station, Tanami Desert, Northern Territory, mid-August 1970."


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case451.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.