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Triangle Sighting and Close Encounter

Date: October 2, 2004
Location: Bristol, Tennessee, United States

Witness began hearing a deep throbbing hum and a triangular craft emerged from the treeline moving directly toward him. He stood still as the craft, estimated to be some 300 feet in length, moved over him.

Artistic depiction of event based on witness description. (Credit: James Neff/MUFON Tennessee)

Source: Kim Shaffer of MUFON Tennessee

Kim Shaffer of MUFON Tennessee writes:

Incident reported to me as having taken place on Saturday, October 2nd at 05:30 hours in Bristol, TN. Witness stated he was driving home that morning when he saw at a distance, what appeared to be a fire on a ridgetop. As he drove, he spotted the "fire" several other times through the trees and it appeared to be moving.

He stopped at an intersection and exited his car. He began hearing a deep throbbing hum and the craft emerged from the treeline moving directly toward him. He started to run but realized that there was nowhere to run. So he stood still as the craft, estimated to be some 300 feet in length, moved over him. He noted the brilliant reddish orange domes which seemed to be filled with a violent, turbulent fire lluminating the bottom. He also noted equally spaced rib-like structures running the width of the craft which also appeared somewhat reflective and metallic (see graphic above).

As it crossed him, he stated that he felt his skin burning, tingling and the sound seemed to penetrate his body, his hair standing on end. The giant object passed over him and made a westward turn without banking and moved behind trees.

The following day the witness reported the sighting to me. At this time, his back and face was burning and he had awakened that morning with a nosebleed and a metallic taste in his mouth. He also noted that he brushed his hair and strands of it were coming out, unlike ever before. The witness was weak, lethargic and was filled with fear over the events of the previous day. It was also noted a loss of some 15 minutes on his watch, which had never lost time before or since. A follow-up interview by myself and Dr. Melvin Redfern, DCH. has found the witness improving somewhat physiologically and we have found the witness to be very sincere. There is no doubt that this incident took place and that much is left to be investigated in this case.

Mr. Kim Shaffer
MUFON Tn. State Director

Note: Graphic art (by neff@tcworks.net) was created from witness description, property of MUFON Tennessee


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case135.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.