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20 UFOs Seen And Tracked By Radar In Brazil, Admitted By Aviation Minister
As many as twenty UFOs/Ovni were seen and tracked by ground radar and at least six airplanes during the night of May 19, 1986 over several states in southeastern Brazil.

Unidentified radar returns were tracked by airports in São Paulo and the Integrated Air Defense & Air Traffic Control Center (CINDACTA) in Brasilia. Two F-5E and three Mirage jet fighters were scrambled from Santa Cruz AFB in Sao Paulo State, and Anápolis AFB in Goias State.

UFO/Ovni moved at high speeds, going from 250 to 1500 km/h in a fraction of a second, without causing the characteristic boom, changed color, changed course, rose, fell, instantly disappeared from the radar and appeared in the eyes of the observer, in another place, accompanied the planes were parked, were zigzag, caused the interruption of air traffic in various areas, saturated the radars have caused interference in the equipment of jet planes, made curves at right angles (90 degrees) at "very high speeds."

The case was discussed openly by high ranking government officials. It was first reported by Colonel (Ret.) Ozires Silva, president of the state-owned oil company Petrobrás, who was flying on an executive Xingu jet, when he and the pilot saw and pursued unidentified objects for about 25 minutes. The incident was covered widely in the Brazilian media, leading to a press conference at the Ministry of Aeronautics in Brasilia on May 23, with air traffic controllers and air force pilots involved in the scramble mission.

The Minister of Aeronautics, Brigadier General Otávio Moreira Lima, was very outspoken: "Between 20:00 hrs. (5/19) and 01:00 hrs. (5/20), at least 20 objects were detected by Brazilian radars."

"They saturated the radars and interrupted traffic in the area. Each time that radar detected unidentified objects, fighters took off for intercept. Radar detects only solid metallic bodies and heavy (mass) clouds. There were no clouds nor conventional aircraft in the region. The sky was clear. Radar doesn't have optical illusions."


Source: http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2012/02/brazil-ovni-20-brazil-ovni-ufos-seen.html
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.