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In the summer of 1990, I met a former INCO employee who had witnessed several sightings of UFOs in the 1960s and early 1970s. During one of the interviews I conducted with him, he suggested that I go look through The Sudbury Star archive for news clippings pertaining to some of his accounts.

With information he provided, I went to the local library and proceeded to look through hundreds of feet of mircofilm on which The Sudbury Star is archived. I was astonished at the number of UFO articles I came across, including some of the accounts I had been told about. It wasn't long after that that I decided I would start collecting all the clippings I could find.

So in June of 1992, the real search for newspaper clippings began, starting with the month of January 1945 and eventually ended two and a half years later with the month of December 1989. As far as I can tell, my search was very thorough and resulted with an amazing find: approximately 350 clippings regarding Flying Saucers, UFOs and related matter.

I eventually made my way to the Jean-Guy Desmarais library located on the Laurentian University Campus to see what else I could find there. To my surprise, the library had an astounding collection of hundreds of microfilm reels on which several publications were archived, including four other Northern Ontario newspapers!

Using the dates of UFO articles found during my research, I hop-scotched my way through the pages and located several news clippings, including some very interesting cases from each of those towns! I plan to eventually go back and do a thorough search of these newspapers, just as I did with the Sudbury Star.

One person who collaborated with me on this massive project is Todd Fraser. I must also thank all the librarians who assisted me with this research.

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News clippings courtesy of The Sault Star, The Timmins Daily Press, The Kirkland Lake Northern Daily News, The North Bay Nugget and The Sudbury Star.