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UFO Sightings Worldwide

Timmins, Ontario, DAILY PRESS, 30 June 1947, page 1

Strange Missiles Are Sighted Zooming Through Western Skies

PORTLAND, Ore., June 30 - (AP) - Westerners were seeing "flying saucers" almost everywhere today from Canada to Texas and a redhot controversy raged about it all.

Kenneth Arnold, Boise, Idaho, flying businessman, started it by reporting that he saw nine mystery objects zipping over Western Washington last Tuesday at what he estimated was 1,200-miles-an-hour speed.

Experts dismissed his report with statements that no known aircraft could go that fast and that no guided missile tests were being made in that part of the West.

Hardly were the words out of their mouths, when others began reporting "flying saucers" and the controversy was on.

There was a similarity in all reports - the objects were round like a saucer, travelling south at a high rate of speed with little or no noise, and of such brightness that reflections from the sun were "almost blinding."

Three persons in El Paso, Texas, said they had seen them in the last few days. Two persons in Vancouver, B.C., reported some. The latest of a score of reports in the Pacific northwest came from a Seaside, Ore., woman, who said she saw one before sunset Saturday night.

There were two popular theories - that the objects were experimental airplanes or guided missiles to which the armed forces will not admit, or that they were guided missiles from foreign soil.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 5 July 1947, pages 1 & 28


Portland, Ore., July 5 - (AP) - The "flying saucer" mystery reached fever pitch today, after "I saw them myself" statements from a veteran United Air Lines crew, scores of Portland residents, and 60 picnickers at a park in Idaho.

The pilot, co-pilot and stewardess, who had scoffed consistently at "flying saucer" tales, said they saw such objects last night while flying a passenger plane from Boise, Idaho, to Portland.

In Canada, Too

Their statements followed a day during which the "saucers" were reported seen in many parts of the United States and also in Canada.

Many Portlanders, including police, experienced fliers and three newspapermen, declared they saw silvery discs undulating over Portland.

Describing what they saw as flat, translucent plates 12 to 15 inches in diameter, several Port Huron, Mich., residents reported as having seen them.

Farmers in Prince Edward Island claimed to have seen more of the mysterious discs and earlier this week, four Summerside residents reported seeing one of them.

At Seattle, Frank Ryman, coast guard yeoman, said he took a picture of what some residents north of Seattle thought was a flying disc. The photograph showed a pinhead-size luminous object against the dark evening sky.

Dr. M. K. Leisy, a junior interne at the Pennsylvania Hospital for Mental Diseases, and other persons in the western section of Philadelphia, reported seeing strange craft in the skies last night.

It was something round with a luminous halo about it, Dr. Leisy declared. It was not shiny itself, but dark in color and seemed to be propelled by whirling winds.


Port Huron, Mich., July 5 - (AP) - Mysterious "flying saucers" were sighted last night by several residents southwest of Port Huron, who described them as flat and translucent, 12 to 15 inches in diameter, criss-crossing the sky and moving northward.

"They definitely were not fireworks," said one witness.

Mrs. John R. Warner declared "Some of them moved slowly and others sailed out of the horizon, hesitated and then whizzed on. Lights which shone from them occasionally blinked off."

This was the first time the "flying saucers" had been reported over the Michigan area.

Port Huron is across the St. Clair River from Sarnia.


Boise, Idaho, July 5 - (AP) - The entire crew of a westbound Boise-to-Seattle United Air Lines plane late last night reported they had seen nine flying discs near the airline's route over Emmett, Idaho.

(The incident was one of several reported last night from various parts of the United States saying the flying objects had been seen. In Seattle, a United States coast guardsman said he photographed one of them and at Port Huron, Mich., several of the mysterious flying objects were reported seen. Two policemen in Portland, Ore., also reported seeing the discs and a New Orleans saleswoman said she saw one.)

Capt. E. J. Smith said his co-pilot, first officer Ralph Stevens, blinked the transport's landing lights in the belief the discs were other aircraft.

Smith said it was eight minutes after takeoff from Boise that Stevens and himself saw discs, flying what appeared to be a "loose formation."

They called Marty Morrow, stewardess, to the cockpit to verify that they were actually seeing the discs, said Smith, and she agreed they saw them.

Then they saw four more of the discs, three clustered together, and a fourth flying "by itself, way off in the distance."

The plane was flying into the dim twilight sky when the objects were first sighted.

Flying discs have been reported over the northwest for the last two weeks.

"The discs were flat and roundish," they said. "They definitely were not aircraft. But they were bigger than aircraft."

Smith and Stevens said they had the objects under observation for from "10 to 15 minutes" before they disappeared.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 7 July 1947, pages 1 & 24

"Flying Saucer" Mystery Grows As More Sighted

San Francisco, July 7 - (AP) - From one end of the continent to the other, new reports of disc-like "flying saucers" skimming through the skies today added to the mystery which has baffled the United States and Canada since June 25.

There was no satisfactory explanation of the phenomenon.

Yesterday, they were reported to have been seen in more than a dozen states, and in southwestern Ontario.

Most observers usually agreed that the objects were round or oval. Guesses as to their size have ranged from that of a five-room house or large airplane to one description of "a silver ball, six inches in diameter."

The United States Army, the Navy and the Atomic Energy Commission all disclaimed any connection with the mystery. An Army Air Forces spokesman in Washington said the A.A.F. had been checking the reports but added that "we still haven't the slightest idea what they could be."

Some scientists suggested that reflections of light such as from aircraft, might account for the bright objects which have been reported. In some cases, the observers have insisted that the "saucers" have been accompanied by sound.

Observers have given the objects various speeds and, in at least one case, said they appeared to be suspended in the air.

A Hagerstown, Md., woman said she saw five go eastward at "terrific speed" and that they "roared with a sound like a railway train."

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 8 July 1947, Page 1

S.A. "Flying Saucers" Fly in "V" Formation

JOHANNESBURG - (Reuters) - Two Johannesburg residents today reported that they saw "flying saucers" over the city.

They said that the objects were about as big as gramophone records and were revolving at a great speed in a "V" formation. The objects disappeared in a cloud of smoke, they added.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 11 July 1947, Page 5

Complete Tour Of World By Flying Discs

LONDON - (Reuters) - "Flying saucers," which have been puzzling citizens of 41 states and of Canada since last month, now have made a complete tour of the world according to messages received here.

These mysterious flying discs were reported today from Japan and yesterday from Chile, Holland, Britain and northern Ireland.

A police officer in southern Japan said today he saw some brilliant objects last Wednesday flying over Kagoshima Bay in a wave-like manner. An official of Kagoshima weather bureau said that the "saucers" might have been balloons released by the bureau.

A dispatch from Leyden, Holland, said that the Leyden naval radio service saw, according to press reports, a "flying saucer" moving at great speed and at great height.

An air mechanic of Santiago airport, Chile, also said he saw "flying discs," which were flat and oval.

Following these reports, the scientific department of the Del Salto observatory near Santiago announced that it had recorded the presence of "strange objects" in the sky May 19, which moved slowly producing at intervals discharges of whitish smoke.

The announcement added that this strange meteor remained a certain time and then crossed the horizon at a considerable speed.

"Flying saucers with holes in the middle" were reported by two girls to have been seen yesterday flying over Birmingham, England, and two people near Rochester, in southern England, also reported seeing the discs.

W. A. Nesbitt of Belfast disclosed yesterday that Tuesday evening, he sighted a dozen rapidly moving round white objects which trailed "a wispy grey cloud which hung in the air for some time."

Timmins, Ontario, DAILY PRESS, 14 July 1947, page 1

"Flying Saucers" In China Now

NEW YORK, July 14 - (AP) - Flying saucers, once a peculiarly North American phenomenon, are getting about more these days.

The Chinese Central News Agency reported yesterday from Mudken, Manchuria, that a man saw 80 of the discs in one hour on the night of July 10. In quoted the man as saying that the objects were about one foot in diameter, milk-colored, tinted blue, and were flying in a southerly direction.

A resident of Le Man, French town 100 miles southwest of Paris, reported that on Saturday morning, he had seen two "strangely-shaped things" which he thought were flying saucers, the newspaper Parisien Libere said.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 19 February 1948, Page 30

"Ball of Fire" Startles U.S.

Kansas City, Feb. 19 - (AP) - Observers today sought an explanation of a strange "ball of fire," possibly a disintegrating meteor, seen in six states.

The brilliant explosion, thousands of feet in the air, was observed in Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Colorado yesterday.

Oscar Monnig, secretary of the National Meteorological Society, said at Fort Worth, Tex., that he felt sure the fire ball was a meteor disintegrating.

Officials of the Chamberlain observatory at the University of Denver, however, could offer no explanation. Director A. W. Recht said there was "no meteor shower and no other known phenomena in the sky to explain it."

After the flash, civil aeronautics and police officials received reports of flaming plane crashes from widely scattered points. All reports proved groundless.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 21 May 1949, Page 6

"Balls of Fire" Over Finland

HELSINKI - (Reuters) - Finnish military authorities said yesterday they received reports of "flying balls of fire" moving in the direction of the Russian frontier.

The reports were received from inhabitants in different parts of eastern Finland.

The inhabitants told authorities the balls had trails of sparks and made a whining noise as they passed overhead at about 500 feet.

Authorities said that during the last two years, various types of flying bodies have been reported in northern Sweden and Finland but scientific investigation proved them to be natural phenomena.

Sudbury, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 30 December 1949, page 3


Hamlet, N.C., Dec. 30 (AP) - A mysterious object moving south-westward through the sky had scores of Carolinians agog today.

The object, on which descriptions varied, was first spotted at Fayetteville, about 50 miles northeast of Hamlet at about 4:30 p.m.

It was sighted again over Hamlet at about 4:45 p.m. and reports came from Greenwood, S.C., that the mysterious object passed westward over that city shortly after 5 p.m.

(Greenwood is about 180 miles southwest of Hamlet.)

At Hamlet and Greenwood, it was chased for several minutes by four pilots.

Hamlet observers said it resembled a balloon or blimp, and appeared to be about 20 or 30 feet in diameter. At Fayetteville, one observer said it looked more like a vertical neon lighting tube.

At Greenwood, two pilots said it appeared to be a streak of smoke about 15 or 20 feet long coming from an unseen plane. But the object, the pilots said, retained its shape during the 10 or 15 minutes that they followed it.

They were unable to gain on it in their light planes.

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, NORTHERN DAILY NEWS, 11 March 1950, page 1

Flying Discs Of Mexico, U.S. Back In Skies

MEXICO CITY - (AP) - The newspaper Excelsior Friday quoted astronomer Luis Enrique Erro as saying one of his colleagues recently photographed a strange and brilliant object in the skies, possibly a big meteorite.

Erro is head of the Tonantzintla Observatory, near Puebla, Mexico's leading observatory.

The photograph was taken just before dawn March 2, the astronomer said.

"An exceptional object flew through space and crossed the field of our Schmidt telescope," he said. "Since that day, we have been wondering what it was. We don't know."

At Juarez, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Tex., Mexican border officers reported Friday they saw a top-like disc travelling high in the sky and heading for mountains on the edge of El Paso.

Louis Herrera, Juarez travel agency owner, reported that about two hours later, he watched a flying saucer over the city for about 15 minutes. At El Paso, John E. Baird said he got out of his car to watch a flying saucer as he passed through Deming, N.M., today. "At times," he said, "It looked globular, like a planet."

Erro gave Excelsior the photo taken by the observatory.

Erro said his guess is that the streak was caused by a meteorite but added: "I make it with many reservations."

Asked if it could have been a flying saucer, Erro pointed out that various countries are experimenting with automatic defence against a sudden attack from the skies.

"I have no doubt that strange things are being shot into the air and somehow made to fly," he said.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 23 March 1950, Page 17


LONDON, March 23 - (Reuters) - Don't look up now, but there are flying saucers in the news again.

Citizens of Berlin and Lisbon reported seeing the silvery platters. And early next month, the people of southern Sweden are going to be deluged with the things - at least so says a report from Luebeck, Germany.

Meanwhile, the Paris newspaper, Le Matin, has come up with an explanation of the saucers. Says the paper:

"One country is doubtless trying out an absolutely new type of apparatus. It remains to be seen which, and what, its intentions are."

To catch up with this one country, Francois Martial is working in Algeria on designs for a saucer to catch the other flying saucers. Martial, a civil servant, said today he would soon put on exhibition a model of his saucer. He said the prototype is 210 feet in diameter, has five engines, floats and can accommodate 35 passengers.

The Portuguese saucers, reported today, were said to be luminous and came in over Lisbon from Entroncamento, about 70 miles north.

The Berlin version remained stationary over the city for a long period Thursday, said the newspaper Telegraf. Then the round silvery objects - seen over the American sector of the city - "shot off northwards, leaving a trail of flames."

The Luebeck report said the influx of flying saucers over southern Sweden was to be the result of the world's first V-weapon manoeuvre, to be conducted by Russia over the Baltic Sea next month.

The aim of the manoeuvres is to co-ordinate Russia's now almost-completed system of permanent bases for V-type weapons with the Soviet radar station system, said the German report. The "flying saucers" would emerge from the V-weapons, the report concluded.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 29 March 1950, Page 2

Flying Saucers Seen Over Africa

LONDON - (Reuters) - Flying saucers, variously described as full moons, moons with wakes of fire, or strange bodies emitting smoke trails, have been reported skittering in all directions across the heavens above the Mediterranean.

In Haifa today, reports circulated that they had been seen over northern Israel.

A Lebanese pilot said he had seen them over Acre - travelling at a high speed in a westerly direction. Others described them as "discs travelling northward at a great altitude and emitting a smoke trail."

Italy reported that they had been sighted over various parts of the country five times Tuesday.

Saucers were also observed Tuesday at Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital; at Cantiago De Chile; over Nicosia Airport, Cyprus; other Bogota Medellin and Cali, all in western Colombia; and at the northern Caribbean port of Barranquilla.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 16 June 1950, Page 15

Farmer Paul Trent of McMinnville, Oregon, was called into the backyard of his home by his excited wife on May 11, and made good use of his camera as he quickly made photos of a flying disc passing overhead. This photo, one of three, in which the "flying saucer" appeared like an inverted soup dish with a thin rim and a dome-like super-structure, centred by a short straight upright. Trent estimated the "thing" was about 20 to 30 feet in diameter and it seemed "both dark and silver." Trent elaborated, "There wasn't any flame and it was moving fairly slow. Then I snapped the first picture. It moved a little to the left and I moved to the right to take another picture. Then it seemed to pick up speed suddenly and in no time at all it vanished out of sight." Trent said he delayed talking about the photos because he was "scared."

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 4 July 1950, Page 1

Stick to Claim Flying Saucer Seen in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - (AP) - Eyewitnesses still held strongly today to their belief that they had seen a "flying saucer" despite appraisal by United States air force intelligence officers of the strange flying object seen near Fairbanks last Saturday as a meteorite.

Scores of civilians and soldiers said they spotted the strange object in the skies around the big air force base near the central Alaska city.

Nearly all the eyewitnesses agreed that the object was cone or pear-shaped with an iridescent exhaust about the size of a washtub.

At Washington, the air force withheld comment pending receipt of information and reports assembled by the Alaskan air command.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 6 July 1950, Page 20

Brilliant Circular Object Seen in Sky Over Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - (AP) - William Grant, 26, former aerial photographer, today reported seeing a brilliantly lighted circular object in the sky, last midnight.

He estimated the object was 30 feet in circumference, and when first seen, was about 1,000 feet overhead. Its speed, at first, was about 100 miles an hour, then increased to about 500 miles an hour before disappearing, he said.

"It was in sight about 45 seconds," Grant said. "It left no exhaust trail and made no sound."

His story was confirmed by a friend, Gilbert Magill, 35, president of a firm conducting research with helicopters.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 28 July 1950, Page 15

'Flying Saucer'

LONDON - (Reuters) - A mysterious object was reported seen yesterday at 15,000 to 20,000 feet over Cowes Airport, Isle of Wight. George Wilks, chief engineer at the airport, and Capt. J. Jessop, a former R.A.F. Transport Command pilot, said the object was round, "emitted a hard, white light," and travelled at about 2,000 miles an hour.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 3 August 1950, Page 3

Strange Cloud

SAN RAPHAEL, Calif. - (AP) - Hundreds of persons Wednesday observed a strange cloud which changed color in hues of green, red, orange and blue as it moved seaward, against prevailing winds. Authorities at nearby Hamilton Air Field base planned an investigation.

Sudbury, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 1 September 1950, page 9

Dippers in Flight New Sky Mystery

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Sept. 1 (AP) - Now it's flying dippers. Two Fredericksburg women, Mrs. L. P. Hitt and Mrs. W. N. Le Couteur, sisters, saw the dipper from the lawn of Mrs. Le Couteur's home.

They described it as a "very bright light," not very large, that moved not too fast.

They said they watched the dipper for about five minutes as it moved northward. It looked like a quart-sized cup to them.

Mrs. Le Couteur's husband vouched for the dipper. He said he had seen a similar dipper about two weeks ago but had said nothing about it.

Sudbury, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 10 November 1951, page 5

Claim Unusual Flashing Meteors Have Southern Experts Puzzled

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Unusual meteors flashing through southwestern skies has the experts puzzled.

In the last 11 days, seven fireballs of exceptional size - and with some other exceptional aspects - have zipped over a seven-state area. The institute of meteoritics at New Mexico University said that frequency has never been equalled in history.

"In fact," said Dr. Lincoln La Paz, head of the institute, "there has never been a rate of meteorite fall in history that has been one-fifth as high as the present fall."

"If that rate should continue, I would suspect the phenomenon is not natural."

The fireballs reported by observers in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah and Nevada don't behave like ordinary meteors, La Paz said.

They travel in straight lines when they should follow a curved course. Frequently they are silent although meteors of that size should make a definite noise. They have a greenish color not previously reported outside the southwest.

At Washington, the Defence Department was asked if the objects might be rockets or guided missiles fired from test areas at White Sands, N.M., or elsewhere. A spokesman said the department knew nothing of any tests in the southwest at the time the flying objects were seen.

Sudbury, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 18 June 1952, page 2

'Flying Saucers' Reported in France

PARIS (Reuters) - A fresh wave of flying saucer reports swept France today.

An employee of Le Bourget airport control tower claimed he saw a "star, red like the setting sun" and about four times the size of an ordinary star, moving southeast of the airfield.

The pilot of a French transport plane also saw the "star," reported to the control tower, and made an extra circuit to take a closer look. But as he circled, the star moved into the wind and vanished.

Last Sunday, thirty persons in Cholet, western France, said they saw a "flying saucer."

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 29 July 1952, Page 2

Three "Saucers" Over Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Police and military observers and hundreds of civilians reported seeing three "flying saucer" objects over south central Indiana between midnight and dawn yesterday.

State police at Indianapolis, Seymour and Connersville posts, and army and air force observers at Camp Atterbury said they watched the objects for several hours.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 31 July 1952, Page 19

Says "Flying Saucer" Almost Hit Highway

ENID, Okla. (AP) - A salesman told police he was almost swept from the highway late Tuesday by a huge "flying saucer" which swooped low at terrific speed.

Sid Eubanks, 50, told his tale to Sgt. Vern Benell, who said the man was still trembling when he walked into the police station.

Eubanks said the object, appearing as a "yellow-green, then yellow-brown streak about 400 feet long," suddenly swooped low over the highway, then reversed directions and disappeared.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 2 August 1952, Page 6


ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Flotillas of mysterious bright, shiny objects were reported flying high in the sky over south-central New York yesterday. Hundreds of persons said they saw them.

But jet pilots from Griffiss Air Force base at Rome, N.Y., said they could find nothing.

Residents of Afton, in the upper Susquehanna River valley, lined the streets of the village and many business places were deserted. They said round objects sailed through the skies in large numbers for about two hours. Scattered ones were seen later, they said. All agreed they seemed to appear near the sun and move away from it.

At Sidney, 19 miles north of Afton, Irving Parsons of Oneonta, said he saw 60 to 75 objects shaped like "ping-pong balls" moving very high.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 6 August 1952, Page 1


This photo released by the Coast Guard was snapped by one of their photographers through a window screen when he sighted four "unknown objects" (upper right) over the Salem, Mass., Air Station. The round objects, which the Coast Guard would not refer to as "flying saucers," appear in "V" formation, with extending bars of light.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 23 July 1953, Page 3


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (AP) - A Civil Aeronautics Administration operations specialist said he saw "flying saucers" last night over eastern Lake Ontario.

Howard A. Scott said the objects were travelling fairly low at about 100 to 150 miles an hour. He said they were luminous and resembled stars. Scott is stationed at Watertown municipal airport.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 24 July 1953, Page 2

Frenchman Says He Snapped Saucer

CLERMONT-FERRAND, France (AP) - Andre Fregnale, geologist, claimed today he had snapped four photographs of a flying saucer over this south-central French city.

He said he had seen the object at 5 p.m. one day last week, and that it was flying at about 9,000 feet.

The object was like an oval saucer, he said, with brilliant light in the centre which he guessed came from "some kind of gyroscopic system, turning very rapidly which would explain the reflection that is very clearly seen in my pictures."

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 7 November 1957, Page 20

Everything but Sputnik Seen In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Either there's been a profusion of illusions or something mighty queer has been going on over the City of Angels and its satellite communities.

No - nobody has spotted an angel yet, but that's one of the few flying objects that hasn't been mentioned.

Some that have:

Six "saucer-shaped" thingniks.
A "ball of fire."
An "orange jack-o-lantern."
A "powerful, mysterious light."
A "great, green light."

And a lot of less colorfully described, ordinary, unidentified flying objects.

The reports about the six saucers came from three air force weather observers. They said they spotted the phenomena moving at the base of a cloud bank about 7,000 feet over Long Beach municipal airport Tuesday. Maj. Louis F. Baker, head of the unit, gave this description:

"They were circular and shiny like spun aluminum, changing course instantaneously without loss of speed like planes in a dogfight."

The "ball of fire" report came from people in the Hollywood hills, and the orange jack-o-lantern turned up in a report from Mrs. Charles Weitzel of Corona Del Mar. She said she spotted it hovering over the ocean while she was looking out a window of her seaside home. The object vanished in a few seconds, she said.

The "great, green light" was reported seen by residents of the San Fernando Valley.

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, NORTHERN DAILY NEWS, 8 November 1957, page 1

Mystery Object In Sky May Be A Third Moon
Aussies Spot Movement Of Bright Pinkish Object

CANBERRA (AP) - A mystery object sighted from Mount Stromlo Observatory near Canberra early today could be another Russian satellite, astronomers at the observatory believe.

Dr. A. Przybylski and two colleagues sighted a "pinkish object brighter than Venus" moving westward across the northern sky low on the horizon.

Astronomers who have been observing the passage of Sputnik II said the object is unlike anything they have ever seen.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 9 November 1957, Page 5

Mystery Objects Seen by Watchers

LONDON (Reuters) - Sputnik watchers in Norway, The Netherlands and Australia reported seeing "mystery" objects today.

Unusual radio signals also were heard.

A bright object that looked bigger than a star zipped over Oslo at great speed on a southwest course, Norwegian spotters said. They declared it could not have been Sputnik II, not due there for several hours.

The second Russian earth satellite was preceded by a mysterious point of light when it passed over Sydney, Australia, early today but one astronomer said he did not think it came from the cylinder containing the Sputnik's dog.


Soviet scientists have mentioned the possibility of catapulting the dog back to earth in the cylinder.

In the Netherlands, an observatory near The Hague also reported having seen an "unidentified object."

The observatory added that when the second Sputnik was seen this morning, it received clear radio signals "which were different from the normal signals of the artificial satellite."

The observatory said that since it had analyzed all the signals on the appropriate wave lengths and had "not been able to trace them to any known transmitter, we can only believe these are Sputnik signals."

Sudbury, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 8 February 1960, page 1

Brilliant Flash In Western Sky Said Meteor

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Most experts believe a light that flashed across western skies early Sunday was a meteor. Hundreds saw it, most of them in Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Amateur astronomer Floyd Rickores, Hollywood, Calif., said he tracked a red ball in the sky for nearly five minutes after a "bright flash lighted the room." He said the ball was brighter than anything else in the sky and guessed it was several thousand miles above the earth.

"It seemed to stay stationary between two stars for three or four minutes," he said, "then took off with fantastic speed and disappeared."

Richard Below, piloting a Western Airlines plane 11,000 feet over southwest Montana, said the light was "fantastically bright . . . It lit up everything in the cockpit and the cabin and the entire sky outside."

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 17 February 1960, Page 23

Admits Strange Objects Flying Over Alaska

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - A spokesman for the North American Air Defence Command here confirmed Tuesday that unidentified flying objects were observed in the skies over Alaska early Monday morning.

The spokesman said two objects were seen moving in opposite directions across Alaska.

One object produced a flash which was assumed to have been an explosion. A search is being made.

North Bay, Ontario, NUGGET, 1 September 1960, Page 5

Reddish Object Spotted in Sky

BETHPAGE, N.Y. (AP) - A mysterious reddish object circling the earth has been photographed by a tracking camera of the Grumman Aviation Engineering Corporation, it was disclosed Wednesday.

Grumman said the flying object appears to be about a tenth the size of the Echo I balloon satellite and travelling about twice as fast. Sightings from amateur astronomers and others have been received from throughout the United States.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 12 July 1965, Page 5

Space Objects Are Sighted Over Europe

LISBON (AP) - Strange objects moving through space were reported sighted in two widely-separated areas of Portugal during the weekend. The Azores weather bureau claimed interference from one stopped its electromagnetic clocks.

Descriptions of the objects were strikingly similar to official Argentine and Chilean military reports of sightings in the Antarctic, last week.

The first reported mysterious flying object appeared in Motoshinhos, near the northern city Oporto, where Manuel Fernandes and his wife at first saw "some sort of luminous flattened balloon."

Fernandes said "the strange object at first sight looked like a flattened balloon, but then as we both watched, it looked like a plate turned over."

"The thing was very luminous, and had orange coloring and was nearly red at times," the couple said, "and at times green rays shot out from a side."

"The saucer stopped at rather high altitude, near the coast, for about three minutes. Then, with an incredible velocity, it sped towards the north."


Fernandes said his radio was playing while the object circled over a forest near the house, but that heavy interference interrupted the music.

A similar type of interference stopped the electromagnetic clocks of the Villa do Porto weather bureau in the Portuguese Azores archipelago, a spokesman said.

He added a "cylindrical white object" circled around in the sky.

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - New sightings of unidentified flying objects were reported in South America, Saturday.

A police corporal was reported as saying he and his whole family saw a flat, blue-colored object hovering over the northeastern Argentine province of Chaco.

It was reported to have hung in the sky for several minutes before shooting off to the southwest with a trail of flames.

In Montevideo, a local Uruguayan news agency reported some 100 persons saw a luminous flying object changing color, above a beach in the River Plate area.

North Bay, Ontario, NUGGET, 21 March 1966, Page 1

Mysterious flying objects seen in U.S.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - Unidentified flying objects caused a flurry of excitement here Sunday night when several residents and police officers reported spotting mysterious aircraft.

It was the third report within a week in this southern Michigan city.

Patrolman Robert Huniwell, from nearby Dexter, told Washtenaw County sheriff's officers one of the objects hovered about 10 feet above his patrol car.

He said it resembled an airplane, had a waffle-like exterior and lights in the centre and on its edges. He told officers the lights diffused toward the centre of the craft when it accelerated.

Washtenaw Sheriff Douglas Harvey sent seven patrol cars to the area, about 12 miles northwest of here. He said several of his deputies reported sighting the objects from two different locations.


Harvey said the deputies reported the objects flew up and down and did zooming banks, emitting blue, light green and red lights.

Deputy John Foster, who reported a similar sighting last week, said he spent six years in the U.S. Strategic Air Command and "never saw anything move so fast."

He estimated the objects flew at 10,000 feet.

Among the residents who reported spotting the objects was an unidentified man who said the craft landed in his field briefly and then took off. Neighbors searched the area where the object was said to have landed but found nothing.

Radar operators at nearby Willow Run Airport said there were no unexplained radar contacts during the night.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 22 March 1966, Page 1

Flying Object Spotted

HILLDALE (UPI) - A county civil defence director and 87 college coeds said today they watched an eerie, hovering flying object settle in a swampy hollow near a school dormitory Monday night.

William Van Horn, 41, Hillsdale County civil defence director for 10 years, said he watched the unidentified object through binoculars for three hours.

It was the second straight night a large number of witnesses reported seeing weird unidentified flying objects in southern Michigan. Sunday night, a dozen policemen and at least 40 other persons watched a similar object, guarded by four similar objects, land in a swamp about 45 miles northeast of here near Ann Arbor.

The Air Force announced it was calling in Dr. J. Allen Hynek, chairman of the Dearborn Observatory at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., and scientific consultant to the Air Force's UFO study program, to investigate the rash of sightings.

Hynek will work from Selfridge Air Force Base near Mount Clemens, the Air Force said.

Van Horn said he joined the 87 Hillsdale College co-eds and their housemother to watch the object. He said it emitted wavering orange, red and white lights and appeared to hover just above the swamp some 1,000 to 1,500 yards from the dormitory.

It was still there when he left about 1:30 a.m. today, he said.

"It was definitely some kind of vehicle," Van Horn said. He said it changed from orange to red, perhaps with a rotating light of some kind, and had a white light at one end.

"From all appearances, it did not seem to be sitting on the ground as it moved back and forth across the ground," he said.

Van Horn said he could not establish the object's shape.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 24 March 1966, Page 2

Space Machines Seen Near Here
By United Press International

Reports of unidentified flying objects continued to be called in today to police in various parts of Michigan from Hillsdale in the south-central portion of the state to Alpena.

Genesee County Sheriff's deputies were called early today to investigate a report of such an object near Burton Township east of Flint. They went to the swampy area where the sighting was reported but failed to find anything.

Hilldale County Sheriff's deputies also were out searching for reported UFOs Wednesday night but they too, found no trace of any such objects.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Peck said Wednesday they saw what appeared to be an unidentified flying object near their home north of Alpena, Tuesday night.

They said the object, which appeared to be a bright light, darted around in various directions with bursts of speed.

Other persons in Holland, Mich., said they saw what appeared to be UFOs Wednesday night.

Frank Mannor, one of the first persons to spot the UFOs told police Wednesday vandals have damaged his car and thrown bottles at his home near Dexter.

Other reports of vandals and pranksters came in from Hillsdale County where authorities said someone had set up flares Wednesday night, apparently in the hope someone would mistake them for the brightly-lit UFOs.

There was speculation today the sightings, which have set people to thinking about the possibility of visitors from outer space, might actually be a natural phenomenon called ignis fatuus, commonly known as will-o'-the-wisp.

Ignis fatuus is a light that sometimes appears in the night over marshy ground and is often attributable to the combustion of gas from decomposed organic matter.

Most of the sightings of UFOs reported in Michigan have been in marshy or swampy areas.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 25 March 1966, Page 1

Scores Spot More UFOs
By United Press International

Air Force scientists who spend their time investigating reports of unidentified flying objects had their work cut out for them today.

Scores of persons, police and civilians, reported seeing the mysterious objects Thursday night in widely scattered sections of the country.

A Bangor, Maine, man told authorities he fired his pistol at a glowing object - and hit it.

"I could hear the elderberry bushes scraping as the thing came toward me," said John King, 22. He said he fired four times and the object, he said it was about 60 feet long, zoomed skyward.

Police said King was visibly distraught when he related the incident to them.

The reports began a week ago in the Midwest, and from there have come the most numerous reports of sightings - more than 200 persons say they saw mysterious objects since Sunday. Four squad cars of deputies watched one for 45 minutes Thursday night in the Ann Arbor, Mich. area.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a Northwestern University astrophysicist who is chief investigator for the Air Force's project Blue Book, is investigating the Michigan sighting reports. He said he expected to complete his investigation today, but would give no information how soon his report would be ready.

The mysterious night-flyers were spotted Thursday near Trinidad, Colo., not far from the buried $88 million North American Air Defense Command post. Louis di Palo, a local postman, said he watched three of the objects through binoculars.

As is usual in cases of unidentified flying object sightings, the Air Force said it saw nothing on its sophisticated radar.

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, NORTHERN DAILY NEWS, 26 March 1966, page 1

UFO Viewers Stick To Guns

DETROIT (AP) - A scientist's opinion that some of Michigan's unidentified flying objects probably were swamp gases may have convinced the U.S. Air Force but not the people who saw them.

Dexter Police Chief Robert Taylor said: "I have no idea what it was, but I don't think it was swamp gas."

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a Northwestern University astrophysicist and scientific consultant for the air force, told a press conference Friday that sightings made on two specific days probably stemmed from swamp gases.

He said his study was confined to sightings made near Dexter March 20 by a family and by police officers, and at Hillsdale by 87 college co-eds and the county civil defence director.

Dexter, a small community, is about 50 miles southwest of Detroit. Hillsdale is about 100 miles west.

Hynek said both the sightings he investigated were in swampy areas - "most unlikely place for a visit from outer space" - and said the UFOs probably resulted from spring thaws releasing trapped gases resulting from decomposing organic materials.

He added that in the Hillsdale case, the sighting might have been assisted by youths playing "pranks with flares."

"There were no flares involved in this, said William Van Horn, Hillsdale County civil defence director. He and the Hillsdale college co-eds reported watching a white and red object - about 20 feet across - for nearly three hours.

"I think I will disprove him (Hynek) in a few weeks," Van Horn said. "I also didn't care for the methods of investigation."

At Dexter, Mrs. Frank Mannor said: "I saw it (the UFO) with my own eyes. And my son and husband wouldn't lie. They saw it too. I think there's something going on the people don't know about. I'm scared. I want to pack up and move."

Said her husband: "There's nothing wrong with my eyes and my son (Robert, 19) has 20-20 vision. We both can't be wrong."

In Windsor, Ont., a radio station reported Friday night it received seven reports from listeners who said they had seen an object moving in an easterly direction over the city.

Provincial police said a cruiser was sent to the shore of Lake St. Clair but officers reported no sightings.

BRAZIL, Ind. (AP) - Ronnie Thurston, 14, brought to the Brazil Times office Friday a camera he had won in a newsboy's contest and asked to have the film removed and developed.

He might, he told editor James L. Coudret, have a picture of an unidentified blue-white object that he said hovered over Brazil for 20 minutes Thursday night.

Coudret developed the film himself, more than doubling the usual time because of the 9:30 p.m. EST exposure, and found it showed an object like an upside-down, handless cup.

Two other members of the boy's family said they also saw the object, which appeared to be about 100 feet above the ground and two blocks away. It vanished abruptly without moving.

Ronnie said he made only one shot because he was uncertain about how to advance the film.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 28 March 1966, Page 1

Scientist Disputed
More Flying Objects Spotted

DETROIT (AP) - Michigan's weird, blinking lights apparently have extended their appearances into Ohio and Wisconsin.

The reports of sightings, limited for nearly two weeks to southern Michigan, came from some 100 miles north in Michigan's "thumb" district, across Lake Michigan at Green Bay, Wis., and south near Toledo and Dayton, Ohio.

As before, there was no full explanation.

So far, the only authoritative analysis has been the swamp gas theory advanced Friday by a Northwestern University astrophysicist concerning two sightings in southern Michigan.

The scientist, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who also is a U.S. Air Force special consultant, has received arguments from those who reported seeing the mysterious flying objects.

Ohio Highway Patrolman R. D. Landversicht said Sunday he saw a strange light approaching Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton. He was reported to have photographed the lights and the air force was to develop the films today.

Wright-Patterson is the home of the U.S. national unidentified aerial phenomena office, called Project Blue Book.


Maj. Hector Quintanilla, Blue Book project officer, said: "It's not unusual after incidents such as those in Michigan last week to get a lot of 'sighting' reports. It's a normal aftermath pattern."

In the Toledo area Sunday night, a member of the Sylvania Fire Department furnished a local radio station with a detailed account of his observations.

Equipped with binoculars, the observer described four objects he said changed color from red to green to white - "they kind of look like a star when you first see them, but they blink on and off."

Hynek said at his Evanston, Ill., home Sunday that his conclusion that two Michigan sightings probably were swamp gas applied only to the sightings reported in the Hillsdale and Dexter area.

The lights over Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio were described as "glowing green," "red and white," "bright, reddish-orange," and travelling at a high rate of speed.

In Washington, Representative Gerald R. Ford (Rep. Mich.) called for a U.S. congressional investigation of the situation, stating many Michigan residents feel the incidents are "sufficient to justify some action by our government."

"Bring out these witnesses from the air force and the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, have them interrogated by members of the House or Senate committee, let them put their records on the line. Let the people who have allegedly seen these objects come and testify."

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, NORTHERN DAILY NEWS, 29 March 1966, page 1

More Mysterious Lights

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - New reports of strange lights in the skies over the United States and Canada added today to the mystery of unidentified flying objects.

In Washington, the National Investigations Committee of Aerial Phenomena called on the U.S. government to release all information it has on unidentified flying objects.

Maj. Donald Keyhoe, retired from the U.S. Marine Corps, told a press conference:

"There is substantial evidence we are being observed by some sort of device which is far more advanced than anything we have and is controlled by a superior civilization."

Keyhoe urged the air force to "end the secrecy on sightings and stop ridiculing the competent witnesses" who have seen them.

Some 30 persons - including an off-duty deputy - phoned the Washtenaw County sheriff's office Monday night to report seeing objects overhead in the Ann Arbor area with flashing red, white and green lights.

At about the same time, police agencies in Bad Axe, some 150 miles north, were swamped with calls from residents who said they saw similar flying objects. Other reports came in from the Flint, Mich., area.

The latest in a series of unidentified flying objects over western Ontario was sighted Monday night.

Several people in Sarnia described it as a shimmering white object travelling north at high speed. It was reported to have altered course two or three times in the seven minutes it was visible.

A spokesman at Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan said the object was tracked briefly on radar.

More than 100 persons reported seeing flying objects Sunday night over Toronto, Barrie, Hamilton, Sarnia, Kitchener and Windsor areas.

Most of some 30 reported sightings in the Ann Arbor area described the objects as flying less than 500 feet overhead. Previous reports last week placed them at 1,000 feet or higher.

Jack Bingham Jr., a 14-year-old high school student, said he first spotted the objects through a telescopic rifle sight when they were about 10 miles away.

Bingham, whose story was backed by his mother, said the objects moved with fantastic speed, zigzagged and moved up and down.

Near Flint, Police Chief Ford Wallace of Linden told of spotting blue, white and red lights several thousand feet overhead which he said hovered for a time and then rapidly moved away to the north.

On the West Coast, in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles, more than 200 persons called police to report the sighting of baton-shaped, flame red lights that revolved clockwise as they silently ascended into the night sky.

About 150 students on the Cal-Tech campus at Pasadena said they witnessed the sight.

Strange flying objects also were reported Monday night in the Las Vegas, Nev., area. A commercial pilot, Ralph Salvory, said he observed four white objects at high altitude, flying in an easterly direction.

A man from Milwaukee, Wis., Clarence LeDuc, said he sighted a yellow object shaped like a boomerang that flashed over downtown Las Vegas and vanished in less than a minute.

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, NORTHERN DAILY NEWS, 12 April 1966, page 3

Police Study Light In Sky

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Police are studying a motorist's claim that a mysterious "magnetic" column of light in the sky may have led a driver to his death.

Ronald Sullivan, 38, a steel constructor, claimed he was driving one night when his headlights suddenly swerved right, as though drawn by a magnet.

"I braked as hard as I could and glanced over to the right," he said.

"There in the middle of the field was a column of colored light about 25 feet high and shaped like an ice cream cone."

The column rose from the ground without a sound but at tremendous speed and the car's headlights returned to normal, focusing back on the road, he said.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 14 April 1966, Page 22

Campus Hit By Sighting In Michigan

KALAMAZOO (UPI) - An unidentified flying object visited a college campus again, this time at Western Michigan University here early Wednesday.

Several students and a policeman watched the object in the sky for more than 20 minutes after 1 a.m. and described it as star-like. They said it moved in angles around two stationary stars.

Matt Kurz, a freshman from Chicago, watched the object through binoculars and said it looked like an elongated football with an orange tip, like on a cigarette. Other viewers described the colors as red, green and white.

They said it kept moving around the two stars and then suddenly shot straight up and disappeared.

A bizarre UFO sighting was also reported at Iron River in Northern Michigan near the Wisconsin border.

A farm couple who refused to be identified told a local radio station (WIKB) they saw a "huge, orange, oval-shaped UFO" squatted on a country road as they drove home from churches services last week.

They said the object blocked the road but shot to the tops of nearby trees when their car approached. They said they went back later to check and the object was still hovering over the tree tops. They said they did not report the sighting until this week because they were afraid of publicity.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 18 April 1966, Page 22

Latest UFO Seeks Motel In Michigan

BENTON HARBOR (UPI) - Three rubbish collectors, several policemen and a newsman all had a good look at an unidentified flying object here Sunday.

The UFO, with one light so bright "you couldn't look straight at it" was spotted near the downtown section by the three rubbish collectors who observed it moving across the Benton Harbor High School area, then hovering briefly over a motel along the St. Joseph River.

Joseph Franklin, head of the crew, said it was about 15 stories in the air, had a steel-like shell and looked "something like a hot dog shape." He said it had a brilliant light at one end, so bright he couldn't look directly at it.

Franklin and his crew went to a police station and reported the object. Police viewed the object, which by that time had risen higher, and patrolman David Hanner notified the Air Defense Command at Fort Custer, near Battle Creek.

Dennis Charles, news director of radio station WSJM in Benton Harbor, also saw the object.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 12 January 1967, Page 7

U.S. Air Force Checking Michigan's Newest UFO

MOUNT CLEMENS (UPI) - Air Force officials today were checking some "pretty interesting pictures" of an unidentified flying object taken by two suburban Harrison Township teenagers.

The boys, Dan Jaroslaw, 17 and his brother Grant, 15, took the pictures Monday with a Polaroid camera from their backyard.

Maj. Raymond Nyls, base operations officer at Selfridge Air Force Base, about one mile from where the boys photographed the circular object, said the pictures "look pretty authentic . . . about the best I've seen."

Nyls was unable to persuade the boys to give him the original photographs, however. He said he would gather information on weather conditions at the time and make a report to the Air Force's Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio.

Maj. Hector Quintanilla of the Foreign Technology Division said with the original photographs, he would be able to determine the size and shape of the object "within a few inches." This would be difficult, he said, with copies.

The brothers were photographing snow scenes when they looked up to see the grey object which they described as having no markings.

Grant said the object circled the area for about 10 minutes at about 50 feet high. He said the object made no noise, was faster than an airplane and seemed about the size of a helicopter.

There was a helicopter in the area which appeared on the boys' photographs between pictures of the UFO. This is borne out by the numbers on the backs of the photographs. The boys state, however, that they photographed the helicopter after the unidentified flying object had left.

According to Nyls, this discrepancy can be attributed to the boys' excitement. "The type of person and the type of camera used would lead me to believe this is not a hoax," he said.

Nyls said he also interviewed the pilot of the helicopter, who reported seeing nothing unusual.

The brothers took four photographs which showed a dome-shaped object with a small antenna in the rear.

"We've seen a lot of strange aircraft from the base in the 14 years we've lived here," the older boy said. "But never anything like this."

DETROIT (UPI) - More unidentified flying objects, these photographed in color by a suburban Madison Heights man, were reported Wednesday.

Mark Osterman, 31, a dealer-sales representative for a service station co., said he saw two shiny egg-shaped objects while taking photographs of a service station on Detroit's west side Jan. 3.

According to Osterman, the objects hovered for about two minutes then took off at "unbelievable speed."

Osterman said the objects had shiny surfaces. "They were in perfect formation," he said. "I've never seen anything move so fast. I don't think anything built in this country could go as fast as these objects went."

Osterman, a flight engineer and gunner for the Air Force during the Korean War, said he could not estimate the altitude of the objects. They were out of sight before he could get a second picture, he said.

The first report of a UFO sighting was made Tuesday by two teen-aged brothers, Grant and Dan Jaroslaw in suburban Mount Clemens. A spokesman for the Air Force's Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio, said the division is requesting more information on the boys' sighting.

Osterman said he saw the UFOs at about 2:20 p.m., about the same time of day Grant and Dan sighted and photographed a saucer-shaped object hovering over Lake St. Clair near their home.

VANCOUVER (CP) - Five members of a Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-8 crew never believed before, but they believe in flying saucers now.

The crew reported Tuesday they saw one on a recent flight from Lima, Peru, to Mexico City, and couldn't explain it away.

"We tried to discredit the thing from beginning to end, but it couldn't be anything we could think of," said Capt. Robert Millbank of suburban Burnaby.

He said he saw two beams of light during the Dec. 29 flight. Second officer John Dennis Dahl of White Rock, B.C., navigator Mike Mole of Mexico City, purser Joseph Lugs of Vancouver and pilot trainee Wolfgang Poepperl of Richmond gathered to watch the object.

"It was getting bigger all the time, and at one point shot out a trail of sparks like a rocket," Capt. Millbank said.

"Then it seemed to be getting closer and we could see a string of lights between two white lights."

"It then levelled off at our left wing-tip and, in the full moon, we could see a shape between the two lights which appeared thicker in the middle."

He said the object remained a couple of minutes then disappeared behind the big passenger plane. He said he filed a report in Mexico City after the flight.

The passengers did not see the object. The crew did not wake them.

Said Mr. Dahl:

"I never believed in flying saucers before. But I've got to believe in them now."

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 27 June 1967, Page 26

Space Teams Examining Brazil Area

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) - Visitors from outer space took a good look at South America during the weekend, judging by the local newspapers.

Flying saucer watchers in Argentina, southern Brazil and Paraguay reported entire squadrons of mysterious objects zoomed through the skies.

Argentinian watchers reported a squadron of unidentified flying objects sighted in six provinces Saturday night. Flying at speeds up to 3,700 miles an hour, they were sighted by residents, pilots and airport control towers.

In Paraguay, at about the same time, six objects flying noiselessly in formation were sighted over the capital, Asuncion, for about 10 minutes. The airport said communications were completely disrupted while the UFOs were overhead.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 19 July 1967, page 8

UFO Sighting in France

PARIS (Reuters) - Mysterious fireballs sped through the skies of Western Europe early today, spurring reports of "flying saucer" sightings from England to Italy.

Airline pilots, coast guard stations and nightworkers reported unidentified flying objects moving across the night sky in groups and singly, glowing orange and red.

A spokesman for the Greenwich Observatory in England said "the most likely explanation is that it was a satellite re-entering the atmosphere."

The coast guard station at Deal in England reported a fireball, with pieces breaking off, moving west to east toward France.

"It was travelling too fast for an aircraft and too slow for a meteorite," a coast guard spokesman said.

The crew of a French ferry off Dieppe reported spotting several UFOs, including a group of five that glowed orange.

Airline pilots landing at Paris and early-morning strollers across France spotted the objects.

From Switzerland came reports of shining objects leaving orange and yellow trails behind them.

From Italy's northern Alpine valleys, objects like "flaming footballs" were visible moving toward Switzerland, their red light reflected in the snow of mountain peaks.

A train crew at Bologna saw a reddish object explode into three or four parts, sending out a brilliant fireworks cascade.

North Bay, Ontario, NUGGET, 28 November 1967, Page 3

Spot objects

IVANGRAD (AP) - Yugoslavs reporting they had seen several unidentified flying objects have provoked panic in some villages around Ivangrad in the last week. Villagers think the flying objects have caused six forest fires, but officials say the cause of the fires has not been established.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 30 July 1968, Page 4

Not Fussy
UFO's Will Travel Far

BUENOS AIRES (UPI) - If there really are flying saucers, they don't restrict themselves to the Northern Hemisphere.

From Mexico to the freezing Antarctic, "objectos volantes no identicados" (OVNI) - unidentified flying objects - have been reported, along with eyewitness accounts of strange beings.

Reports of flying saucers and saucer-related events have touched off investigations of all kinds in Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile and Argentina - where a mass saucer epidemic has been under way since June.

So many sightings have been reported that Argentine Admiral Benigno Varela recently said the navy would undertake a "statistical study of serious sightings." The navy has not been immune from the strange visions. Varela said that detachments manning Argentine, English and Chilean Antarctic bases have seen "five lights in the sky moving in the same direction."

In Niterol, Brazil, across the bay from Rio de Janeiro, an official police report this month attributed the mysterious deaths of two television repairmen to "persons or beings from the unknown."

One of the two repairmen, Miguel Viana, was reported to have shot down a flying saucer two years ago. The repairmen died three months later. A dozen witnesses said they saw a saucer 90 feet above the ground shortly before the repairmen's deaths.

In Argentina, the mysterious intruders at least are friendly.

"They're always very amiable," said Catolicio Fernandez, a farmer who resides in Mar del Plata.

He claimed that his home was visited briefly last month by two strange-looking, thin fellows in tight-fitting green suits that had a weird glow.

"When one of them raised his arm, I became dizzy," Fernandez said, describing the strangers. "But when they lowered their arms, I felt all right again."

The Bolivian army, troubled enough by encounters with guerrillas, once had to take time out to check out a peasant's story that an intruding space ship and a "strange creature resembling a man" had blinded his sheep while grazing in a high Andean pasture. Soldiers soon found that hunting guerrillas was a lot easier than smoking out extraterrestrial phenomena.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 9 December 1970, page 2

Watched by Saucer

MEEKATHARRA, Australia (Reuters) - Mineworkers at this desert town in the heart of Australia's mineral prospecting areas said Tuesday that a flying saucer has been watching them at work. They said an orange-and-white object hovered and hissed for two hours Monday in the sky east of the town, 500 miles northeast of Perth.

North Bay, Ontario, NUGGET, 14 September 1972, Page 6

Watch 'shimmering spot' in sky over Australia

SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) - More than 300 hopeful flying saucer spotters - many of them in pyjamas and dressing gowns - turned out at dawn today to watch a mysterious shimmering spot in the sky.

The spot appears precisely at 7:10 each morning. It has turned the small town of Taree, about 200 miles northwest of Sydney, into one of Australia's top tourist attractions.

Eyewitness reports describe the object as red on the bottom and white on the top. In the absence of any official explanation, it is being called an unidentified flying object. Observers with binoculars say it has a distinct cigar shape.

The spot reappeared on schedule today as a tiny shimmering dot. Bank accountant David Slade who stood with his wife and children among the crowd of sky watchers said: "I think it's a spacecraft."

The UFO has been appearing and hovering over Taree every morning for the last three weeks.

An air force spokesman has ruled out the possibility that it is a weather balloon or an earth satellite.

Dr. Harvey Wood, a government astronomer, said he can't explain the mystery.

"If the object keeps appearing and no explanation for it is forthcoming, I will investigate it fully," he said.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 4 July 1973, page 3


LOURENCO MARQUES, Mozambique (AP) - There was a rash of reports of unidentified flying object sightings in this Indian Ocean port, mostly from the night club district.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 21 April 1979, page 8

Many see UFO

COPENHAGEN (AP) - Thousands of persons in northern Europe saw a large, shining object race across the sky early Thursday and specialists are trying to determine whether the phenomenon was a meteorite or a satellite burning up in the atmosphere.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 13 March 1980, Page 17

Is it possible?
UFO visits Ottawa, U.P.

Could it be. No it's not possible - or is it?

Two reported sightings of UFOs, one by a newscaster at CJOH-TV in Ottawa and the other by Gladwin, Mich., police officers, were described in exactly the same way.

Newsman Max Keeping interrupted his Wednesday evening newscast to watch and describe to his listeners an oval object "with flashing green, blue, red and white lights.

He added that it hovered within sight for several hours sometimes falling, sometimes rising and occasionally moving across the horizon before moving off to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, after receiving calls, about 1 a.m. today from the Gladwin police officers, Delta County sheriff's deputies David Huckstep and Max Streichert joined the two, David Martin and Mark Hager, and the four "observed it travelling north at an extremely fast speed making sharp turns ascending and descending."

That object was also described as oval with "red, green and blue oscillating lights and an extremely bright white light."

Keeping, who said until last night he "never paid any attention" to flying saucer stories, was convinced the brightly sparkling object he and several others saw in the sky could not be explained away.

Skeptical air traffic controllers at Ottawa International Airport said the mysterious object may have been a weather balloon or a communication satellite - anything but a flying saucer.

In Escanaba, Mich., two police officers there also saw the light and while one thought it was a UFO, the other thought it might be a Michigan department of natural resources (DNR) helicopter.

"But our helicopter has been in the hanger for over 30 days," said a DNR spokesman.

Checks with K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base, the U.S. Coast Guard air station at Traverse City, and air force radar facilities at Empire, Mich., as well as the aircraft tracking station in Minneapolis, Minn., failed to turn up strange blips on radar screens or indications of helicopters in the Gladstone area.

A Federal Aviation Administrator spokesman at Grand Rapids suggested it might have been a private helicopter not in contact with the control tower.

Gladwin is in Michigan's Upper Peninsula near Escanaba.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 14 April 1980, page 3

Strange lights

MANCHESTER (AP) - A strange light was seen throughout the north of England early Thursday, police said. In Manchester, 40 people told police they saw the flash in the night sky. Air traffic controllers at Manchester Airport said the sky lit up brilliantly for a few seconds. An airport spokesman said the most likely explanation was an unusually large piece of space debris entering the atmosphere, causing the sky to flare up.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 12 January 1984, page 2

UFO over Russia

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A mysterious bright object flew at great speed across the Ukraine and southern Russia last month and Soviet scientists are divided about what it was, the Moscow newspaper Trud said today.

It said more than 40 witnesses filed reports on the object, a bright sphere followed by seven smaller lights, which crossed the night sky Dec. 2.

Most said they saw it changing altitude and direction and some claimed they saw a "construction like a space ship, flying less than a kilometre above the ground," Trud said.

The daily cited different experts as saying it may have been a meteorite, ball lightning, or parts of a satellite burning up in the atmosphere.

Grigory Pisarenko, head of the Ukrainian Commission for Cosmic Research, said the object was flying too slowly and too near the ground to have been a meteorite. Its speed has been calculated at about 6,000 kilometres an hour.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 22 January 1991, page A2

Hungary sees high-speed UFO

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's Defence Ministry has investigated the sighting of a high-speed Unidentified Flying Object over a military airport, newspapers reported Monday.

Officers at the Kecskemet base south of Budapest said the object flew silently above the runway last Friday at a height of about 180 metres trailing a 70-metre exhaust flame.

Defence Ministry spokesman Gyorgy Keleti told the official MTI news agency that the object was undetected by radar.

"I do not believe in UFOs but I have no reason to doubt what my fellow officers say," he added after visiting the base.

Lieut. Gabor Toth said he saw the object, about 23 metres long, from the base's control tower and was certain that it was not an aircraft.

It was sighted two minutes later at Bekescsaba, 110 kilometres west of Kecskemet, which would mean it was travelling at 3,380 kilometres an hour.

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