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Wendy Connors
Law Enforcement and UFOs
1957 - 1981


Observers of UFOs are found in all walks of life and all professions. When it comes to UFO sightings, it is not unusual to find that law enforcement personnel have had their fair share of encounters with unusual circumstances, and UFOs are at the top of the list. This compilation of recordings deal with police officers who have had close encounters with unidentified flying objects. For many law officers, it is an interesting diversion from the more mundane calls and make for interesting discussions with their fellow officers. Sometimes, an encounter goes beyond seeing a strange object in the sky and literally has profound changes for the lives of the law officers who came face to face with unknown objects from the sky.


01: Levelland, TX. 11.07.1957. Bob Pierpoint, CBS News, reports on the UFO incident. 00:38

02: Levelland, TX. 11.08.1957. Sheriff Weir Clem is interviewed by Anthony Edwards. 05:30

03: Adrian, MI. 12.05.1957. Police officer, ambulance driver and witnesses interviewed by Alan Rowe of the Detroit UFO Research Group. 41:00

04: Fulton County, IN. 01.23.1958. Deputy Sheriff Thomas Barker describes an encounter with a UFO. 11:15

05. Redmond, OR. 09.24.1959. Police Officer Robert Dickerson and FAA Flight Service Specialist LaVerne Wertz are interviewed by a local radio station. 12:00

06: Minerva, OH. 09.18.1962. Patrolman Frank McCurry is interviewed by Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee. McCurry also talks about a group of seven UFOs he spotted while on patrol in 1955. 15:30

07: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Officer Lonnie Zamora is interviewed by Walter Strode on KSRC Radio. 12:15

08: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Dr. J. Allen Hynek from the USAF Project Blue Book investigation, is interviewed by KSRC radio's Walter Strode, in Dr. Hynek's motel room and recorded by Ray Stanford, NICAP. Other USAF investigators were also in the room and the listener can hear them in the background. Hynek comments on the symbol and people Patrolman Lonnie Zamora observed. 04:00

09: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Police Dispatcher Mike Martinez is recorded by Ray Stanford regarding Lonnie Zamora's description of the symbol he observed on the side of the object. 02:32

10: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964 April 24, 1964. Louis Reidel, publisher of the El Defensor Chieftain newspaper in Socorro, is interviewed by Ray Stanford regarding little men with hoofed feet near the object that Officer Lonnie Zamora observed and reported to the USAF investigators. 08:00

11: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Opel Grinder, service station attendant in Socorro, NM, gives a statement to Ray Stanford regarding the object as seen by customers on the highway who stopped at his station just before Officer Lonnie Zamora came upon the UFO. 00:52

12: Socorro, NM. 04.24.1964. Officer Lonnie Zamora is interviewed on the phone by NICAP's Streeter Stuart, 04.29.1964. 02:50

13: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. 1965. Radio news report of a police chasing a UFO. 01:40

14: Damon, TX. 09.03.1965. Brazoria County Chief Deputy B. E. McCoy and Deputy Robert Goode encountered a UFO that buzzed their patrol car. McCoy describes the incident. 03:15

15: Exeter, NH. 09.03.1965. Officer Eugene Bertrand, Jr. and Officer David Hunt observed a UFO. Bertrand gives a short description of the incident. 01:00

16: Wanaque, NJ. 01.11-12.1966. Gordon Lore (NICAP) interviews witnesses at the Wanaque, NJ Police Station January 14, 1966. Witnesses included Howard Bell, newspaper editor and Mayor Wolf. Resevior police officers encountered UFOs above the resevior in Wanaque. 56:35

17: Milan, MI. 03.17.1966. News report and inteview with Deputy Nuel Schneider who, along with Deptuy David Fitzpatrick, encountered three UFOs which they photographed. 02:45

18: Washtenaw County, MI. 03.20.1966. Patrolman Robert Honeywell describes an object that he encountered near Dexter, Michigan. State Police Colonel Frederick Davis comments on the incidents of UFOs being sighted in Michigan. 04:15

19: Exeter, NH. 10.11.1066. Unknown police officer is interviewed regarding his UFO sighting. 15:45

20: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur and Mandalay Village Police Chief, Gerald Booker, give their narratives of the UFO chase incident on WKSU radio. 15:15

21: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur is interviewed by Marc Candusso from the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH on April 19, 1966. 65:00

22: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. Major Hector Quintanilla, Jr., USAF Project Blue Book, takes Officer Dale Spaur, Officer Barney Neff and others statement at the Ravenna, OH police station on May 11, 1966. Quintanilla tells them they saw either a satellite or the planet Venus. 55:00

23: Portage County (Ravenna), OH. 04.17.1966. NICAP's William Weitzel asked Dale Spaur, etc., following their meeting with Major Hector Quintanill, Jr. for their reaction as to Quintanilla's explanation of their case. 14:30

24: Sharon, MA. 04.18.1966. News report with interview of Police Sergeant Bernard Coffey who observed an egg-shaped UFO that rotated and had windows. 10:15

25: Akron, OH. 04.18.1966. April 18, 1966. Police Officer Gary Youst of Akron, OH is interviewed by Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee, regarding his sighting of a huge UFO over a church while on patrol. 26:00

26: Akron, OH. 04.18.1966. Police Officer John Bickett is interviewed by Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee, regarding his sighting of a huge UFO over a church while on patrol. 18:30

27: Ashland, NB. 12.03.1967. Interviews with Officer Herbert Schirmer, Officer Pat Scholting and Chief Leschin. Officer Schirmer was abducted and taken aboard a UFO while on patrol. Interview conducted by Col. B. F. Stahl and Duane Beard. Poor recording. 30:30

28: Ashland, NB. 12.03.1967. Officer Herbert Schirmer gives an account of his encounter and abduction by a UFO in 1974. 30:00

29: Erie County, OH. 02.10.1967. Constable Gary Butler is interviewed by Rick Hilberg and Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP). Butler observed a bluish-colored UFO near the National Air and Space Administration's (NASA) nuclear facility in Sandusky, Ohio. 07:00

30: Tillamook, OR. March, 1967. Project Blue Book recording. Interviews of Police Officer B. F. Taylor and KTIL Radio manager, Dennis Kruger. 04:15

31: Michigan City, IN. 06.20.1969. Bill Loft interviews Corporal James Kaufman, Sgt. Lance Hilberg, Tong Ragdale and Ted Stanz of the police department and Vern Freeman, Robert Davenport, Charles Dolan and Gus Tarantino of the U.S. Coast Guard regarding their sighting of seven disc-shaped, pulsating objects, over Lake Michigan. One of the objects made a strange noise as it almost collided with a pier. The observations lasted well over an hour when the objects formed into one and disappeared. 48:00

32: Los Alamos, NM. 1971. Dr. J. Allen Hynek has a phone conversation with a Los Alamos, NM police officer who observed a dull white, submarine shaped object, along the tree line of the Los Alamos canyon. The object was also observed by a Los Alamos Security Police Officer. 21:45

33: Tilton, NH. 08.11.1974. Tilton police department dispatch recording during an incident of a domed disc approaching a police car. As the officers signaled the object it began to signal back. Before the incident was over, three separate UFOs were observed. Voices on the tape include officers from Tilton, Belmont and Gilford, NH. They are: Mark E. Paine, Michael Alden, Mike McCarthy, Norman Stanley, Steven Hodges and Scott Wolf. Remainder of recording is J. Oswald talking with George Prescott and dispatchers at the Tilton, NH police department. 46:15

34: Elmwood, WS. 04.07.1975. Police Officer George Wheeler states his encounter with a UFO. 00:47

35: Lumberton, NC. 05.19.1975. Interview of Police Chief William Halstead, Patrolman John Hayes and a citizen driver, Bill Stanton. All observed a triangular craft. When Chief Halstead signaled the object with his headlights the object signaled back. 16:45

36: Ventnor, NJ. 01.20.1976. Patrolman Frank Ingargolia is interviewed on WIND radio, Chicago, IL on January 23. Ingargolia and a reporter riding in his patrol car, observe an object over the boardwalk. The object paces the car and they stop on the beach to observe a shining light from the patrol car onto the object, which after an hour, disappeared. 16:13

37: Ocala, FL. 05.14.1978. Police officers receive a report of a UFO near railroad tracks, thinks it's funny and probably a remote controlled device used on power lines. But, it isn't. A neat little game of cops and saucers ensues. 21:15

38: St. Helens, WA. 03.17.1981. State Trooper Thomas McCartney, St. Helen's Police Officers Mike Dyer, Earl Myer, Sgt. Donald Yokum and Officer Sallé observe an object over the Columbia River. The object came from the sky, dropping straight down and hovered over the river. The object emitted a fog around the area and was so bright birds began to wake and sing. The object was then heard to have splashed down in the river. The noise from the object was caught on tape by Officer Sallé and Donald Lee Atkins, a CB operator from his house next to the river. This is the audio recording from Atkins CB into Officer Sallé's tape recorder. 03:13

39: St. Helens, WA. 03.17.1981. State Trooper Thomas McCartney is interviewed on KXL Radio News. 04:20

40: Highland, IL. Circa 1982. Police Dispatch regarding a huge UFO. 03:36

41: Trumball County, OH. Police Dispatch Recording, 12.14.1994. 50:45
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