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Captain Clarence S. Chiles and First Officer John B. Whitted

Many people in the aviation industry will tell you privately that if you knew how many airplane near-misses there were each and every day, it would certainly concern you. But what if this also was happening between UFOs and planes? There are at least two well documented cases of this very thing. One of them is the Gorman Dogfight with a UFO which occurred in 1948, and a sighting which occurred over Montgomery, Alabama, on July 24, 1948.

Red Glowing Object

Two veteran pilots, Captain Clarence S. Chiles, and co-pilot John B. Whitted were flying an Eastern Airlines DC-3 from Houston, Texas, to Atlanta, Georgia, when their journey into the mysterious began. The DC-3 was flying 5,000 feet over the city Montgomery, Alabama. Up to this point, there had been no problems during their journey. But this was about to change. At 2:45 A.M., their routine flight was abruptly interrupted by the sight of a dull-red, glowing object.

No Wings, No Tail Section

The object appeared to be directly in their path of flight. The two pilots had no cause to think anything other than there was another airliner in their vicinity, albeit unreported. Almost before they could react, they saw the object coming right at them. The object streaked by, just barely edging to their starboard side. The unknown object could not have been more than 1,000 feet away. When reflecting on the near-miss later, both pilots agreed that the UFO had no wings, and no tail.

As Long As a B-29

They also had seen two rows of windows, which appeared to be extremely reflective. It is amazing how much the human mind can retain with only a brief view of something. The two pilots also recalled that the object's front section was pointed, and along its belly was a blue glow. This glow ran the full length of the UFO. Exhaust of a red color could be seen at the end of the object. The UFO's size compared favorably to a B-29, except with a thicker body.

Witness sketches of object.

Object Vanished Momentarily

As to the near miss, Captain Chiles could tell that, if anything, the UFO was veering slightly to his right, so the veteran pilot turned his plane just to the left to allow more separation space. Whitted stated that the UFO seemed to disappear momentarily after an abrupt vertical climb. This close call would be the most frightening experience of his flying career.

Sound Like a V-2 Rocket

One point that drew differing opinion was whether or not the DC-3 felt any after shock from the passing of the UFO. Strangely, both pilots stated that they recalled no disturbance from the passing of the object. However, other witnesses of the unknown object's near miss would remember that the plane was "rocked" by the waves from the UFO. A sound, like that of a V-2 rocket were also heard by some.

Witnesses on the Ground

One saving grace for many of the passengers was that, because of the hour, they were asleep at the time of the incident. But there were also witnesses on the ground who saw the UFO. Several individuals from Robbins Air Base, located near Macon, Georgia, also saw the unknown object. Their description was consistent with that of the two pilots. Their observation was about 1/2 hour before the DC-3 encounter. After tracing 225 flights of the same morning, a passenger plane was ruled out, according to a government official.



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