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Status Report II: New Sources, New Data
By Leonard H. Stringfield

Case A-3

On June 29, 1978, my son-in-law Jeffrey Sparks, then an Assistant Professor at St. Leo College, Dade City, Florida, informed me that he had talked with a person who had witnessed the alien humanoids at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1966. According to Jeff, his contact held a responsible position in a financial capacity with a private firm in Tampa, and had formerly served in Army Intelligence. He gave me the individual's name and where he could be reached.

On July 5, 1978, I talked with Mr. JK at length concerning his functions in Intelligence; what he had observed at Wright-Patterson AFB, and many other aspects of UFO crashes and retrieval operations. He also made reference to the computer bank, or "dump file," which contains secret information about UFOs dating back to 1948.

JK, whose duties were connected with the Nike Missile, related to me the following data:

• He observed nine deceased alien bodies preserved in deep freeze conditions under well-lighted, thick glass enclosures. The bodies were short in stature, about 4 feet in height. They appeared, under lighting, to be grayish color in skin tone. The area where the bodies were preserved was under heavy guard, inside and out. He was told while viewing the subjects that 30 bodies were held in preservation at that time at the air base.

• He did not see, firsthand, alien craft stored at Wright-Patterson AFB, but was told that such craft were on the base. He was also told that an alien craft was held at Langley AFB, Virginia, and another at McDill AFB in Florida.

• At certain military bases, highly trained mobilized units were in a constant "ready" state for dispatch to any area in the U.S.A. to recover downed or crashed UFOs. These special forces, at the time, were known as the "Blue Berets" which can operate secretly and effectively by using diversionary tactics to prevent public interference. Such diversions include creating power blackouts.

• During the Vietnam crisis, during JK's tenure of service, five crashes of UFOs occurred between 1966-1968 in the Tri-State area of Ohio, Indiana (near Evansville), and Kentucky. There was one known incident of a retrieval of three alien bodies. During this alleged incident, there occurred a skirmish with the alien forces by our military units. This was triggered by the uncertainty of the aliens' intent. Hostility was presumed, said JK. The location or time of these incidents were not disclosed.

• Said JK, "Since 1948, secret information concerning UFO activity involving the U.S. military has been contained in a computer center at Wright-Patterson AFB. At this time, a master computer file is maintained with duplicate support backup files secreted at other military installations." Said JK, "Get the complete 'dump file', both the master and the support backup files and you've got all the hidden UFO data."

Thus, substantive UFO data are not available through the Freedom of Information Act, nor on file at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.


I have had a number of long talks with JK since July 1978, which was reported in Abstract #21 of my first paper. Some additional information he related concerning certain technical phases of his former work is not included here on his request. One of our chats revealed that he was stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB when Barry Goldwater had visited the base hoping to get permission from General Curtis Lemay to see the UFO evidence stored there, but was denied. Said JK, "This refusal caused quite a fiasco on the base."

While visiting the University in Dade City, Florida, for a lecture in April 1979, I was unable to meet JK, as arranged, however, I was surprised that following my talk, waiting to see me privately, was a former member of the elite "Blue Berets." I remembered JK had pointed out the function of this covert service.

The next day, CAM, the ex-"Blue Beret," visited my daughter's home, and alone, we talked about the elite force, its make-up and functions - and some of his experiences in Vietnam behind enemy lines. Although he had never participated in a UFO crash/retrieval, he was aware that one of his fellow members had had the experience. Details were scanty, but CAM recalls that his friend referred to his participation in the recovery of a "big head" from an alien craft.

My last talk with JK was September 12, 1979, at which time he was doing well as proprietor of his own business. He reaffirmed as true all of his past claims.
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