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Five Objects Hover Over Canadian Field

Date: September 1, 1974
Location: Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Farmer Edwin Fuhr saw a symmetrical bun-shaped object that was hovering about a foot off the ground. He noted also that the grass underneath was being imparted a clockwise swirling motion. [There were] four additional identical objects...

Edwin Fuhr's drawing of the first object seen. (credit: FSR)

Edwin Fuhr indicates where one of the objects hovered.

Source: APRO Bulletin, Vol. 23 No. 2 (Sept/Oct 1974)

At 11:30 a.m. Sunday, September 1, farmer Edwin Fuhr, 6½ miles out of Langenburg, Sask., Canada, was harvesting his rape (a seed oil plant) crop. As he approached a slough on his land, he saw what he thought was a "spun Aluminum duck blind" (He said later that he had seen such a blind advertised in Field & Stream Magazine) and assumed it had been placed there by a neighbor. (He also described it as looking like stainless steel.) He dismounted from his swather (a mowing machine) and approached the object on foot. As he drew near, he noted that the object was a symmetrical bun shape and that it was hovering about a foot off the ground. He noted also that the grass underneath was being imparted in a clockwise swirling motion. While watching for about two minutes from a distance of 15 feet, he noticed that "the whole thing was turning." Returning to the swather, he noted four additional identical objects to his left. He sat motionless for about 15 minutes and watched. He said he wanted to leave but couldn't (the inference here is that he was too terrified to operate the controls of his swather properly). After about 15 minutes, the objects all left simultaneously moving straight up. They exhibited a grey mist underneath and "a strong downwind."

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police heard about the case by word of mouth and launched an investigation. The corporal in charge of the area is of the opinion that Mr. Fuhr's account is reliable.

In his investigation, the R.C.M.P. constable found a circular swirl of grass for each UFO position reported by Mr. Fuhr. In the center of each swirl, the grass remained erect. Mr. Don Coulthard, APRO F.I., will continue this investigation. Further de tails will be reported in the APRO Bulletin when available.


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case304.htm
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