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The Ambala Tribune

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 14 October 1954, page 7

"Flying Saucers" In Bombay?

BOMBAY, Oct. 12. - Meteorologists here were skeptical of reports in Bombay of "flying saucers" having been seen zooming over the city in the past few days.

Nevertheless meteorologists at the Santa Cruz Weather Bureau to-day issued an appeal to the people to alert the Bureau as soon as they sight any flying saucer.

They said they would make a scientific study of the object if such a thing was observed by them.

Reports were current here to-day of people having seen flying saucers. Some claimed to have sighted it sometime at midnight last week and described it as a luminous flying disc moving at a terrific speed. Others said they saw the saucer emitting "wreaths of fire" and believed the diameter of it was about one foot. It was also reported to have been seen at midday at a great height.

Meteorologists at the Colaba Observatory said that weather balloons sent up every day, might have caused an optical illusion. They also said such an illusion was created by an aircraft flying at a high altitude in moonlight. - P.T.I.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 14 October 1954, page 9


Some Strange Stories
(From Our London Office)

LONDON (By Air Mail) - Fantastic stories of flying saucers and flying cigars come every day from France, doctors and others, whose word can be trusted, say that they have seen strange flying objects in the French skies.

According to a French farmer he saw an engine moving at great speed in the sky.

Another story is that a dozen men were seen coming out of it and doing a ballet.

At Rixhelm two men say they saw a cigar-shaped engine surrounded by 12 satellite cigars.

A lorry driver claims to have seen a flying mushroom. He says he tried to approach it but he was stopped by a mysterious ray.

A member of the French National Assembly has asked the Government to set up a commission to study "this phenomenon objectively by extracting the truth from among the mistakes and possible hoaxes."

Meanwhile the police has received evidence that at least some French men have been scoffing their neighbours. They have already picked up two men for playing dangerous jokes. A retired miner made some hot air balloons three yards in diameter which he sent up with the aid of petrol saturated straw attached to the bottom. This let off a yellowish flare to the consternation of people who saw them at night. One of the balloons set fire to a haystack and the man was arrested. Another man spread the story that he had seen a flying cigar which had landed and made three holes in a field. The police, on investigation, found the holes had been made by the man himself.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 16 October 1954, page 8


AVIGNON, Oct. 14. - Two French Air Force jet planes chased a "flying saucer" reported near here today.

People who saw in the sky a "white disc giving out white red and violet lights" telephoned a nearby airbase which sent up two fighters to investigate.

The pilots radioed to base that they saw the object but it moved away too fast for them to identify it - Reuter.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 18 October 1954, page 1


CALCUTTA, Oct. 16. - Traffic came to a standstill in Calcutta's busiest thoroughfare - Esplanade, when thousands of pedestrians and passengers on moving vehicles stopped, curious to gaze in silence at a wonderful phenomenon which appeared suddenly like a piece of caprice of nature under the mid-day sun.

It was a whirlwind, which started, perhaps, due to a change in atmospheric conditions and appeared to have the punch of the devil.

Swirling at a terrific speed, the tiny tornado, about 10 feet in circumference, carried everything under its feet, high up in the air, with a tremendous velocity.

Going round and round, like a passionate girl in a spree, it moved from the Esplanade tram-terminus towards the west along Mcterloney Road at 1:30 p.m. and then the crowd, to their amazement, saw it change its course and at the south-eastern corner of Raj Bhavan disappear in the void as suddenly as it appeared. - U.P.I.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 18 October 1954, page 1


LILLE (France), Oct. 16. - The "Marsian" craze in France nearly cost a farmer at Sinceny (north France) his life.

He was trying to repair his car last night when a neighbour, taking him for a Marsian, fired two shots at him with a hunting rifle. They whizzed past his head and struck the body of the car.

The farmer, Mr. Maurice Ruant, complained to the police who soon identified the huntsman as Mr. Faisan.

Explaining what happened, the latter said: "When I saw a sihouette moving in front of the headlights, I thought it was a Marsian repairing his flying saucer. I went for my gun and opened fire".

Despite his good faith, Faisan will be prosecuted. - U.P.I. - A.F.P.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 19 October 1954, page 1

2 Frenchmen Talk With "Pilot" Of Flying Saucer

TOULON, Oct. 17. - Two French motorcyclists swore here to-day that they had talked to the "pilot" of a flying saucer parked in the middle of the Hyeres-Toulon Road.

The two men, Mariro Rapellini and Pierre Ottoviani, told the police they found the flying saucer parked on Thursday night. It was a circular object with two legs resting on the ground. It had a bulge on top and two ear-like openings at the side. As they gingerly approached, they said, a medium-sized man "dressed in grey overalls of some strange material" stepped out. The following conversation took place in French.

M. Rapellini: Are you a Martian?

The stranger: 'No' (in French). Where am I?

They told the pilot where he was. The pilot re-entered his machine through a triangular opening. A stream of vapour issued from the saucer and it rose slowly and vertically into the air as its motor roared up. It then streaked off at a great speed leaving an orange glow in its wake - Reuter.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 19 October 1954, page 7

(From Our London Correspondent)

No surprise was caused here by reports that Russia has supersonic atom bombers. The bombers, which fly faster than the speed of sound, will enable the Soviet, in future wars, to strike blows at distant countries. No details of these bombers are known in London, but it is believed they are larger and more powerful than America's B52. It was expected that Russia, having produced atom bombs, would not long remain without the aircraft to deliver them. But the Russians seem to have done the job quicker than was expected.


Time is not far off when first class passengers will travel by helicopter from city centre to city centre. And tourist class passengers will be carried at much cheaper rates between airports outside the cities. This was revealed by Mr. Masefield, chief executive of British European Airways, at a London conference. When B.E.A. flies helicopters on international services the fares are likely to be higher than those for aeroplanes, but there would be considerable advantage in time saved. B.E.A. carried over a million-and-half passengers 24 million miles last year - "not one of them was hurt."


Avro Canada is reported to have developed a "Flying saucer". The aircraft is believed to be a near circular machine with a speed of 1,500 m.p.h. It will take off vertically and will have a power-plant which will revolve inside a stationary wing of nearly circular form, with a series of exhaust orifices lining the outer rim of the disc. The news of the "Flying saucer" was first given by a Canadian journal. Later some details of this revolutionary aircraft appeared in 'Royal Air Force Review.' And now Sir Frank Frigs, the managing director of Hawker-Siddeley group, has revealed that they have under development a new aircraft engine and vertical take-off plane. This obviously refers to Avro Canada's "Flying saucer."

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 28 October 1954, page 4

Spate Of "Flying Saucer" Stories

TEHERAN, Oct. 25. - Iran is now enjoying a spate of "flying saucer" stories.

Several strange objects of the flying saucer family are claimed to have been seen in Teheran and elsewhere in Iran during the past weeks.

A flying saucer was reported to have landed at Hamadan, north-west of Iran. The object was said to have been luminous and been seen by the entire population of the town.

Another flying saucer was claimed to have been sighted in the early hours of a morning by a resident of Teheran's radio station area. The man, who reported this saucer, said that it was on the ground, and that when he got within sixty feet of it, he saw a man on board with a grim look. The man started to laugh at him and then suddenly disappeared.

A third saucer, reported near Teheran railway station, was described as about 18 feet long. Strong beams of light were coming from its rear and sides. A short fellow was piloting the strange object, and was dressed in black from head to toe. He was wearing a mask shaped like the trunk of an elephant.

Kidnap Attempt

Ghassam Filly, a resident of the area, said that while he was looking at this spectacle he suddenly felt that it was pulling him skywards. It was only his screams that awakened the members of his household, that saved him when the flying saucer suddenly took off. This was reported as a "kidnap attempt" - "by radio magnetic beams".

Hot in the wake of these reports somebody from south-west of Teheran reported a flying 'cigar' in his area. The flying cigar was reported to be flying through the skies at a very low speed and sending out a strong white light from its rear. - P.T.I.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 3 November 1954, page 4


DIBRUGARH, Nov. 1. - A bright cigar-shaped luminous body was seen on the Dibrugarh sky this evening at 5:30 which ran at a great speed from east to west.

The bazar-going people of Khalihmari saw the luminous body which was reported to have incandescent tail.

This has caused a wide sensation among the public who thought it to be a flying saucer. - U.P.I.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 9 November 1954, page 8


GERMANY, Nov. 7. - Professor Hermann Oberth, one of West Germany's foremost rocket and space flight scientists, said here today it was "entirely imaginable" that flying saucers came from other celestial bodies.

In at least 34 cases the appearance of unknown flying objects could not be satisfactorily explained by scientific means known so far, he said in a lecture.

He said the explanation for the failure of any occupant of a flying saucer yet to disembark on the earth might be that they were frightened of human beings or that they were equipped with technical aids with which they could learn everything about the earth without contact with its occupants.

Professor Oberth said the planning of space ships had made such progress that it was now theoretically possible to fly from the earth to the planet Mars and back in six months.

A three-stage rocket being developed in the United States would be able to fly at five miles per second and reach any point on earth within less than 45 minutes, he said. - Reuter.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 13 November 1954, page 10


VARESE (North Italy), Nov. 11. - The Italian police have formally charged a newspaper reporter and some youths with "spreading false alarming news" about a landing of "Martians" in a "flying saucer" south of here.

It was a well-planned hoax, according to the charge.

Police said the silvery object was a big cloth and the "Martians" were two boys in disguise.

The reporter, who had witnessed the scene, sent a detailed story to a Milan newspaper, which published it on its front page. - Reuter

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 14 October 1954, page 7


CALCUTTA, Nov. 12. - A bright luminous object with a long tail which is reported to have been seen over sky in Calcutta on October 21 from the control tower of the Dum Dum airport, has started a spate of speculation about flying saucers and Martian observers.

Airport authorities have a report from one of their technical officers about his observation of this mysterious object.

This officer while on duty at the tower on October 31 last at about 6 p.m. suddenly found a flash in the sky which was moving at a speed of more than 500 miles per hour at an altitude of about 2,000 ft. The position of the object was stated to be on the 340 degree bearing.

The bright, white object had a long luminous tail of diffused white light and was passing about five miles north of his observation point. The light appeared about three or four times brighter than an aircraft tail light and the "object" disappeared from his view within a minute. It was steady in its movement and disappeared gradually.

A foreign aircraft, which was circling at that time, did not report anything about it at the time of briefing.

The Dum Dum Aerodrome Officer confirmed that such a thing had been observed. He declined to make any comment, but said he was sending the report to appropriate authorities.

Rev. Father F. Goreux, astronomer in-charge of the St. Xavier College observatory and a senior professor of the Calcutta University, commented: "It is not an astronomical object; that is certain".

He said he had also received telephone calls from some of his acquaintances in the city, who claimed to have seen similar object in the sky almost on the same date and time.

Dr. Goreux explained that absence of sound could be due to a different mode of propulsion, unknown to us at present. Its luminosity "may be a camouflage to hide its real identity".

The low speed and change of direction as had been observed in such cases, he said, were not compatible with movements of astronomical objects.

He added: "To my mind, coolness of American scientific authorities seems to be that they know about it. Had it not been so they would not have remained silent about an object which had also been observed in America years ago".

He referred to a very interesting report which he read some time back, in which it was stated that a pilot while chasing such an object had his plane "blown to bits".

Dr. Goreux felt that the main thing was to collect observation from all quarters to determine the truth about these objects. - P.T.I.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 28 November 1954, page 1


RUPAR, Nov. 27. - A bright object believed to be a flying saucer was noticed moving at a terrific speed from north-east to south along the Nangal Hydel Channel near Rupar at about 11-30 a.m. yesterday.

Before it disappeared in the horizon, the "saucer" emitted rainbow-shaped white smoke which changed into blue, red and green hue.

Several hundred people watched the phenomenon near the canal bridge. - P.T.I.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 6 December 1954, page 1

Flying Saucer Lands Near Madras City?

MADRAS, Dec. 4. - Landing of a flying saucer in the Hamlet of Kariambakkam in the suburbs of Madras City, on Saturday last is the talk of the town.

The whole hamlet, which has at least a hundred educated residents, is agog with the story. The saucer "landed" in an open space adjacent to the village road, at about 8-30 p.m.

The villagers said that the flying saucer was like a boat in shape, with a dazzling light at the tail end. Many people witnessed the landing, which was vertical, and swift. They saw the object in the sky, and watched it coming down with lightning rapidity, and before they could realize what was happening, the object had landed.

The rather incredulous part of the story was the claim that there were three people in that saucer - or the flying "boat." Two of them, it was stated, were men and one a woman. All wore perfect "European dress."

At this sight, the villagers ran into their homes and began shutting doors and windows. Some of them said the occupants of the flying boat invited them to come near them by gestures. But they were so frightened they did not go.

After five minutes, the flying saucer again rose vertically in the sky and zoomed away out of sight, going up thousands of feet. One of the reported eye-witnesses of this event was the wife of a retired pilot officer - an educated lady.

Bit by bit the story got around and the whole of Madras city is now talking about the mysterious landing of the flying saucer.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 8 December 1954, page 6


SAO PAOLO (Brazil), Dec. 7. - Three "flying saucers" hovered almost motionless over an airbase here for an hour and a half yesterday but disappeared when a jet plane, dispatched on orders of the base commander, tried to chase them, base personnel reported.

Before their disappearing the "saucers" were said to have described the arc of a circle in a vertical direction. Three disc-shaped objects, presumably the same ones reappeared in the sky shortly afterward.

The appearance of the discs over the airbase caused panic among military and civilian personnel but some of them reported studying the objects at leisure through binoculars.

The pilot of the jet refused to comment to newsmen when he landed. He drew up a report for the base commander. - U.P.I. - A.F.P.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 11 December 1954, page 5

Two Blond Men In Flying Saucer?

WASARAGOSSA (Spain), Dec. 9. - A large "flying saucer" with a crew of two, propellers and two aerials like lightning-conductors was reported to-day by a huntsman from Lecera, in Sargossa province.

He said it landed on Mount Zuera, in the Alcubierre Sierra. Its crew, the hunter added, were two "very blond men" who spoke in a foreign tongue until they spotted him. They then immediately climbed back into their machine, which rose vertically at a great speed with a whistling sound. The machine was described as being about 66 feet in diameter and about 13 feet high. - U.P.I. - A.F.P.

Amballa, India, TRIBUNE, 18 December 1954, page 6


WASHINGTON, Dec. 18. - President Eisenhower told his press conference he had been assured it was wrong to believe that "flying saucers" came from an outside planet.

He made this comment when asked to give his opinion on flying saucer phenomena and on reports that some European Governments were investigating the problem.

The President said nothing official at all had come to his attention but an Air Force officer whom he trusted told him that as far as he knew, it was completely inaccurate to believe that flying saucers came froman outside planet.

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