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The Chicago Daily Tribune

Chicago, Illinois, DAILY TRIBUNE, 30 June 1952, page


The tricks used in getting military appropriations have been well described by Rep. John Phillips of California, a member of the house appropriations committee. Gen. Bradley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, was before the committee. The defense department has sought 51 billion dollars in appropriations and Gen. Bradley was arguing in favor of 3 billion more for the operations of the atomic energy commission.

"After you work 20 years on appropriations, general," Phillips said to Bradley, "you do not get cynical, but sometimes you get a little skeptical. I always know there are going to be Russian submarines seen off either the Pacific coast or the Atlantic coast just about the time the naval appropriation bill comes before the subcommittee, just as I know that the people in the Indian schools are always going to be notified they are about to be let off the payroll on the first of June, just at the time the bill for the department of the interior comes up."

Rep. Gore of Tennessee interjected, "Do not forget the flying saucers."

"And the flying saucers appear at the proper time," said Phillips, apparently referring to scares to put over air force requests. "I do not say it is deliberate; it is just a coincidence."

But we don't think the congessmen really think it is a coincidence.

Chicago, Illinois, DAILY TRIBUNE, 6 October 1952, page


BONN, Germany, Oct. 5 (Reuters) - Flying saucers were seen more than 50 years ago, according to Wilhelm Blunk of Hamburg.

"All children and the teacher of our elementary school near Segeberg saw two of them on a sunny day in 1883 or 1884," he said in a letter to a West German weekly magazine.

"They were two fiery balls about the size of full moons and traveled comfortably side by side from north to south. Finally, they disappeared on the horizon. Flying saucers are nothing new," he added.

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