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The San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco, California, CHRONICLE, 4 June 1909, page


Great Success Said to Have Been Attained by the Japanese.

VICTORIA, OR. CO. June 2. - That secret trials of airships and aeroplanes invented by Japanese experts held to Northern Japan have been successful in the demonstration that guns and other heavy loads can be carried was the story brought by the steamship Monteagle. It is stated that a number of experts have been engaged for some time past in perfecting an airship invented by Yamada Isahura, whose airship was successful during the Russian-Japanese war, and it is stated that the low flying machine invented by Isahura is capable of transporting a heavy load and mounting guns of moderate caliber, and also can be stored readily.

Another invention perfected at the trials held before the army experts is an airship destroyer fitted with explosive shells which explode automatically on contact with another airship, being practically a counterpart of the marine torpedo destroyer applied to aerial navigation. Both inventions have been secured by the military authorities.

San Francisco, California, CHRONICLE, 5 June 1909, page


Atmospheric Freak in Imperial Valley Mystified the Residents.

IMPERIAL, June 4. - After mystifying people in all parts of the Imperial valley, it is now learned that the supposed airship, which was said by various people to have been seen on several evenings at twilight over Salton sea, was a mirage. The mirage was conspicuous this evening for a few minutes, and was viewed with wonderment by many people, as to-night it took the form of a row of tents and cottonwood trees inverted, that, hung in clear outlines for a time between sunset and dark in the sky.

Viewed less distinctly than it was to-night, this phenomena might easily have been mistaken for an airship. Before there was less vegetation here, the mirage was a common sight over the Salton sea.

San Francisco, California, CHRONICLE, 13 June 1909, page


Now Making Plans for Policing Air Along the Country's Border Line.


Experts Show the Count Could Have Skirted British Coast.
Special Dispatch to the "Chronicle."

PARIS, June 2. - Count Zeppelin's record flight in his airship in Germany has had the immediate effect of compelling official action in France. To-day an important meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where delegates of all French Ministers drew up plans for policing the air.

Mayors and other administration authorities of villages and small towns have been perplexed as to what to do when foreign balloons alighted in their territory. The Commission will decide questions, arising in this connection from three points of view - national defense, custom-house and police. To-day the Commission reported in favor of asking the great powers to compbine on international legislation and suggested that cards of identification be issued by national authorities which would prevent troubles now arising from the landing of French aeronauts in foreign territory or of foreign aeronauts in France.


BERLIN, June 3. - German aeronauts who are making a critical study of Count Zeppelin's latest flight are convinced that he has established the incontestable superiority of the rigid balloon over other types. The recent trip, in spite of the accident at the landing, is held to have afforded final proof that dirigibles must be reckoned with hereafter as a potent factor in actual campaigning.

Captain Hildebrand, a well-known expert, points out that Count Zeppelin was able to cover 620 miles with his original supply of gas and benzine.

Had the airship started from Metz it could have made a round trip over a considerable section of France, or, starting from Cologne, it could have sailed over London and taken accurate observations along the English Coast. What still more arouses the admiration of the experts in Count Zeppelin's feat of patching up the damaged balloon in an open field and continuing the journey.


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, June 3. - The Zeppelin airship, after having made its way by stages from Goeppingen, arrived here at 6 o'clock this morning and descended successfully to the floating shed on the Lake of Constance. The damages sustained at the end of the prolonged flight of Sunday and Monday will be repaired to-day.

The Emperor has sent the following telegram to Count Zeppelin: "Congratulations on your remarkable trip to Friedrichshafen with the provisionally repaired airship, which proves the capacity of the rigid system. As I shall be absent from Berlin six weeks from now, I suggest that the Berlin trip be undertaken August 26th."

Yesterday in a dispatch to the Emperor, Count Zeppelin said that in six weeks he hoped to be able to report to him at Berlin with his airship.

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