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UFO on Australian Beach (Vaucluse Beach)
Date: July 19, 1965
Location: Vaucluse Beach, Australia

Disc-shaped object glowed as it sat on a beach. As witness approached the object, the object lifted off from the ground, quickly climbed in the air, and disappeared. Investigation revealed landing traces and effects on the nearby plant life.

Witness' sketch of UFO at Vaucluse, Australia, July 19, 1965.

Source: UFO Casebook

UFO on Australian Beach

Vaucluse Beach, a suburb of Sydney, would be the location of a close encounter of the eerie kind. On July 19, 1965, Dennis Crowe, a one-time technical artist for English aircraft companies, would have the most unusual event of his life occur. A little after 5:00 p.m., Crowe was strolling along the beach, located not far from his home. The sea had been rough that day, with high winds and frequent rain showers, and Crowe was enjoying a calm between the storms. In the distance, he began to see a glow, and as he moved closer, he could make out the shape of a disc-shaped object, sitting on legs on the sandy beach.

Crowe guessed the object's diameter at 20 feet, and he could now see a glowing blue-green hue rim around it, with the craft's two parts a dullish gray. The top appeared to be a transparent dome. The disc-shaped craft was sitting silently. The only sound he heard at the time was barking from some dogs. They were barking directly at the object. Crowe had made his first observations at several hundred feet, and as he came to within about 60 feet, the object lifted itself from the ground. Crowe could now hear a sound...a sound like air being forced out of a balloon.

The disc-shaped UFO quickly climbed into the air, and within about 10 seconds, it had disappeared. The dogs were now silent. Crowe had been the only human to see the strange craft. Crowe made a report of what he saw, and a geologist came to make an inspection of the landing site. He stated that some type of object had definitely rested where Crowe had seen the UFO. The plant life in the area of the landing was all dying.

The sighting gained enough publicity to bring in The Royal Australian Air Force. They offered a possible explanation for the event. They said that it could have been a "tornado." Crowe categorically rejected this theory. For lack of more information, no other research was forthcoming on this strange sighting. Crowe stood by his account of what he saw that day, and no other evidence is available to deny his claims. The UFO that landed on Vaucluse Beach that day remains an "unknown."


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case27.htm
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